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3M 3M5646 5640 Termination Kit - 1.38 in Max Diameter - For Outdoor Use - 1 Cable - Rate for 15 kV - [PRICE is per KIT]

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The hook and loop fastening file features 1/8" wide x 1/32" deep diamond shaped serrations in a single cut design with the opposite side smooth

The ultimate in hand sanding files, Hookit™ files are specially designed to be used in the field

This 2-3/4" hook and loop fastening file has a 16" long, medium grit, hook and loop fastening file that is designed for filing, blending and notching

The coarse (white) hook is used for removing large amounts of material as in smoothing or leveling

Handle can be used with or without the abrasive strip

The combination of a flexible black nylon file with a medium (green) hook provides improved removal of material from corners and tight spots

Cleans, shapes & smooths your nails all in one

For quick cleaning, use the #400-grit side; for a finer finish, flip over to use the #600-grit side

Lightweight and easy to use

A long lasting and high strength hook and loop abrasive hand file

Their chisel edge clips easily into corners and along tight radii

The Hookit™ design provides 2x more"handle" than traditional files and allows you to apply more downward pressure for cutting fast and smooth results on a wide range of materials

The hook on the back of this 2-3/4" x 16 1/2" hook and loop file makes it a fast and easy way to remove burrs and rough edges

The Hookit hand file is ideal for shaping and finishing metal and wood surfaces

3M 5744 2-3/4 X16 1/2 HOOKIT HAND FILE

5744 2-3/4 X16 1/2 HOOKIT HAND FILE, 2500/CASE, Made in USA

They're tough enough to handle rough and tumble jobs, yet ergonomic enough for all day use

It has an increased surface contact area resulting in faster material removal

Nice files at a great price

The Hookit Hand File is a step up in efficiency

Autorange handles allow for continuous filing without repositioning the hands

This product is versatile, meaning you can use it on flat or contoured surfaces

Cut through adhesive and stripping materials quickly

3M's hook and loop fastening files feature a leather wrapped handle for comfort

Also available in 3M 5744 2-3/4 X16 1/2 HOOKIT HAND FILE

The design of this file helps protect your fingers and knuckles while filing

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  • upc 511310564668
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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