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3M 3M8901 Circle-0.750"-1000 Blue Polyester/Silicone Adhesive Tape Circles, 400 Degrees F, 0.750" Length, 0.750" Width (Pack of 1000)

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aerosol can features a nozzle designed for application to hard-to-reach areas and aluminized steel construction to deliver excellent performance in high temperatures (up to 400°F/204°C)

This chemical-resistant sealer is used to locate leaks in the exhaust system or anywhere else there is a need for a gasketing material which will resist the extreme temperatures of exhaust gases

With the 3M8901 Blue Silicone Gasket Prep Spray from Midstate Tool & Supply, you can extend the life of your seals and gaskets

You can use this 3M Gasket Prep Spray for a variety of applications including boat building and repair, truck bed liners and more

Protects against corrosion and paint damage

Great for use in dry conditions, this 3M Gasket Prep Aerosol helps prepare flanges and gaskets for a strong hold

3M 8901 is a two component gas and flame resistant adhesive that prepares gaskets and similar flexible sealing surfaces for bonding to other materials

The 3M 8901 Gasket Prep Aerosol (20-oz) helps to remove dirt, oils and other contaminants prior to installation of automotive gaskets

When you need a heat-resistant, solvent-resistant sealant that’s lightweight and easy to apply, consider 3M 8901 Gasket Prep Aerosol

Midstate Tool & Supply carries a full line of 3M products

3M 3M8901 Circle-0

The adhesive's color makes it easy to see where it has been applied, so you can avoid overlapping or missing spots that can affect the seal

The 3M 8901 Gasket Prep Aerosol provides an extremely tacky adhesive that adheres well to most surfaces, including aluminum, plastic and rubber

750" Length, 0

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750"-1000 Blue Polyester/Silicone Adhesive Tape Circles, 400 Degrees F, 0

This aerosol comes with a nozzle that delivers large amounts of adhesive without the mess or waste of using a brush

This spray penetrates rubber and soft plastic to allow for easier removal

It is self-curing and leaves no residue after curing

It has good gap-filling capability, is resistant to paint and solvent bleed-through and permits limited stripping of cured material

This multi-purpose aerosol works on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, plastic and rubber

3M8901 is a hot-melt, semi-paste silicone adhesive with a fast initial adhesion that cures at room temperature

It meets Federal Specification TT-P-813B (Military Specification MIL-S-81352B) for heat resistance to 500 degrees F

It contains no ozone-depleting substance and is safe to use on a variety of surfaces

Designed for metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic/rubber/elastomer applications, this sealant is effective in preventing leakage between parts

With a 20-ounce can, you will have plenty of the sealant on hand when you need it

The 20 oz

It also creates a surface that does not stick, ensuring it won't transfer or leave adhesive behind

3M 8901 will bond to most elastomeric, plastic and other flexible materials, including glass fiber reinforced plastics, organic elastomers, natural rubber, silicone rubber based elastomers and many others

For sealing and protecting gaskets and seals in engines, transmissions, or other applications where a high temperature resistant silicone sealant must be applied

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  • upc 511310890132
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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