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Provides the ultimate level of privacy and protection for your laptop display

?? These privacy filters are easy to attach using their adhesive backing, which also allows for quick removal when you no longer need them

This filter offers protection from scratches, smudges, dirt and debris for your laptop's screen so it looks good today, tomorrow and beyond

This privacy filter prevents information theft by blocking side viewing angles of your monitor when you work in public places or use your laptop in crowds

?? 3M Gold Touch Privacy Filters allow you to view your screen in bright light without others being able to see the image from either side

3M's patented microlouver technology allows for wider viewing angles than competitive filters, giving you the freedom to work more productively and collaboratively while protecting your valuable corporate assets

The clarity level of the filter is also improved because there is no blurring caused by diffused light passing through the privacy filter

The filter darkens on-screen images when viewed from a 45-degree angle creating an invisible barrier that protects your sensitive information

Keep your work, or personal information private with the 3M Goldtouch privacy filters

This privacy filter is compatible with notebooks, LCDs and monitors that have a screen size of 14

It is designed for a 14

Ideal for use in high traffic areas such as airports, universities, libraries, hospitals and other public places

The privacy filter protects data from being viewed from side views and provides a convenient way to control information access

Regain the ability to view information in public places with this 3M Privacy Filter from 3M

0 Privacy Filter is designed for 14

The filter reduces blue light transmission from the display to provide less glare and more comfortable viewing

0 screens with a 16:9 aspect ratio (W x L)

It allows an 80% light transmission ratio and fits 14

The 3M Privacy Filters keep confidential information private

The filters are designed to allow only persons directly in front of the monitor to see the image on-screen; onlookers from any other angle will see a darkened screen

No assembly required

Attaches easily to your laptop display with a high-tack adhesive, keeping it firmly in place

These filters feature a subtle gold satin finish that's designed to match the color of 3M Privacy Filters

The filters help to block screen glare while reducing reflections, keeping your screen clear, legible and smudge free

Screen data is visible only to persons directly in front of the monitor, keeping information private whether you are sharing the view with others or demonstrating a presentation

The 3M 14

Only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on screen; others on either side of them see a darkened screen


3M(R) Privacy Product(R) is a cost-effective privacy solution with virtually see-through clarity

0" (16:9) laptop and has a clear side and black side, which can be flipped over depending on what you are viewing

?? The filter is thin and lightweight, allowing you to use it with your laptop without adding bulk

0 Full Screen Laptop from 3M is perfect for high traffic areas where visual privacy is desired

0" widescreen laptops with 16:9 aspect ratio, offering touch-screen capability and visual protection from side views and direct viewing angles

The Gold Privacy Filter for 14

Clear, color-neutral substrate allows you to see clearly while people on either side see a vivid golden glow

3M privacy filters keep confidential and sensitive information private

Use 3M privacy filters to screen unwanted visual input from any direction

The 3M Gold privacy filters are designed to help protect your screen from damage and prying eyes

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  • upc 51128008706
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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