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RHEEM 177237 Blower Housing w/Wheel REPLACES 70-101729-03
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RHEEM 177237 Blower Housing w/Wheel REPLACES 70-101729-03

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Blower Housing w/Wheel REPLACES 70-101729-03

Pain: Not sure if you’re buying the correct part? There are so many components to a furnace. It’s exhausting. Agitate: And potentially costly, too. Solution: Our RHEEM 177237 Blower Housing w/Wheel REPLACES 70-101729-03 is the component you need for your furnace. We also include step-by-step installation instructions and you can chat or call us if you have any questions.

Pain: If you have a rheem furnace, then you know that after a few years of heating your home on cool winter nights, the blower wheel usually freezes up. Your heat stops. Agitate: The only way to get it unstuck is to rotate the wheel by hand until it shudders into life again. Solution: While it's true nothing lasts forever, there are furnace parts that will let you repair your home heating without needing to make a huge investment. RHEEM 177237 Blower Housing w/Wheel REPLACES 70-101729-03 .

Pain: Blower Housing, Wheel, REPLACES 70-101729-03 Fits many RHEEM IHRA STYLE 115V motors up to 10HP. The blower housing is mounted beneath the heat exchanger and projects out the front of the furnace. To inspect it, you must remove the motor and fan assembly from the furnace. Simply loose the two fasteners that hold it to the base plate. It will separate, and you will see a wheel that may be worn down about 1/4 inch and a bearing that is likely to have excessive wear on it. These are common problems in blower housings on gas furnaces.

Pain: Blowers that are not working. Agitate: Replacement blower housing wheel for Rheem air conditioning parts is necessary to run an air conditioner. Solution: Getting a new blower housing will fix your air conditioning.

Pain: To reach the blower housing, you need to remove the entire blower – which is over 200 pounds. How many hours of your day gets wasted by this unnecessary inconvenience – not counting the cost of parts and labor? Another factor, an unexpected interruption in heating and cooling occurs when something goes wrong with the blower wheel. We call this a pain point because it is really bothersome and very difficult to resolve efficiently. Agitate: A blower housing commonly malfunctions after 7 years or less. Utilizing a current replacement part requires having to replace the entire motor unit again. This means replacing hundreds of pounds for another hundreds pounds – wasting valuable time and money (not to mention aggravation) each time a replacement is necessary. Solution

Pain: Nothing is more frustrating than trying to understand which blower housing you need for your RHEEM HVAC unit, and having to call a local retailer just to be sure. Agitate: Recovery time is slow due to the high cost of labor. Solution: Looking at the part number on your blower housing, this is a high-quality replacement component from STELPRO. It is an exact fit for your RHEEM unit and has an OE comparable quality standard.

Pain: It’s hard to get the job done when your blower housing is laying on the floor. Agitate: You need a blower housing so you can keep your stove working properly. Solution: Be sure to replace this part if it’s missing or damaged to prevent it from failing.

1 days
  • upc 662766329001
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Date First Available :September 5, 2013
  • Manufacturer:Rheem Furnace Parts
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