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American Standard 4339516.020  H2Option Dual Flush 12-Inch Tank with Liner, White
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American Standard 4339516.020 H2Option Dual Flush 12-Inch Tank with Liner, White

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Attention: Consumers-Thank you for purchasing this product  American Standard #4339516.020 H2Option Dual Flush 12-Inch Tank with Liner, White. This tank is preinstalled at the manufacturing facility and meets all requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to provide for full 3-1/2" flush valve to be used as a full flush and 2-1/4" flush valve for "half flush". Any modification or removal of the indicated parts may cause this tank to no longer meet the requirements of UL and may void its certification.

One of the most innovative plumbing products you can buy is the H2Option Dual Flush Toilet Tank from American Standard. This fully featured toilet tank features CUMBERLAND topside control, dual flush lever and a 3" flapper valve with lid and flapper for reliable performance.

Expertly designed for homes with dual flush toilets, the H2Option Dual Flush Tank makes flushing easier than ever. A preset tank lever initiates a 6-gallon flush for solid waste and a 3-gallon flush for liquid. From the bathroom to the kitchen, you'll find the H2Option Dual Flush Tank at the center of reliable efficiency.

Two flush options for every type of waste ? choose your setting, not your luck. H2Option™ Dual Flush Technology provides you with the power to pick how much (or how little) water is used to complete each flush.

The H2Option 12 Inch Dual Flush Toilet is one of the most environmentally friendly toilets you will find. This toilet flush uses up to 1.28 gallons per flush, saving water and sewer charges for those who are conscious about being environmentally friendly. It also uses 22% less water than a standard 1.6 gallon per flush toilet when it comes to flushing solids.

The H2Option single flush tank offers a revolutionary, two-button flush design. A 12"/16" button at the top and a 4" button for even the smallest flushes make it easy for everyone in your family to feel confident and secure about personal cleanliness.

This Toilet Tank by American Standard is engineered to work with almost any bathroom flooring. If you have a wood, tile or laminate floor, the tank can work with it. It features a WaterSense label and a Dual Flush system. It also has a contoured bowl and the Trap Seal technology for a stress-free life. This toilet is always gentle on your pocketbook.

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  • upc 033056737101
  • Weight: 31.85 LBS
  • Length:16.31
  • Height:17.38
  • Width:9.44
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