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American Standard 6045.013.002 6045013.002 MANUAL.URINAL FV, TS, 11.5 R-I, 0.125 GP

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American Standard 6045013.002 MANUAL.URINAL FV, TS, 11.5 R-I, 0.125 GPMANUAL.URINAL FV, TS, 11.5 R-I, 0.125 GP

The American Standard 6045.013.002 6045013.002 MANUAL.URINAL FV, TS, 11.5 R-I, 0.125 GP is a successful creation at the crossroads of performance and versatility. The product designers at American Standard made sure that this product has all the best features that you will ever need in a urinal flush valve.

The American Standard 6045.013.002 6045013.002 MANUAL.URINAL FV, TS, 11.5 R-I, 0.125 GP is an economical flush valve urinal made of vitreous china with an oval metering valve and easily installed seat.

With an older model urinal, you have to change the water supply often to keep it from becoming unsanitary or smelly. The American Standard 6045.013.002 6045013.002 MANUAL.URINAL FV, TS, 11.5 R-I, 0.125 GP makes changing water capacity as easy as turning a screwdriver with a quick and simple twist of the ROLLSROLLER cartridge system, which allows one cartridge to use up to 50% less water while providing smooth operation for years of trouble free performance.

The American Standard 6045.013.002 is a high quality, Decorative Glass Block style Urinal that is sure to bring out the beauty of any type of bathroom decor. Providing the best performance around with features like 0.125 GP Flow Rate, Double Cyclone Technology and 11.5" Rough-In it makes for one of the top picks in its class.

Open your door to the world of urinals, with American Standard - The Leading Manufacturer of Fixtures and Fittings.Try one of our manual urinals today!(FV)Flush Valve, T-Stat (stat), 11.5 RES-ADJ (Adjustable Reservoir Volume), R-I 4'' Intermittent Valve

Installation and repair manual for American Standard 6045.013.002 . Download your repair manual now!

The American Standard 2030 is an economical and dependable product that will provide years of trouble-free service for your facility. The standard 2030 urinal flushing system utilizes a gravity feed tank design, which allows for the use of only 0.125 gallons per flush (gpf). This toilet features a concealed trapway, giving it a clean and sanitary appearance, as well as reducing the chance for leaks.

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  • upc 012611465420
  • Weight: 5.70 LBS
  • Length:12.70
  • Height:3.30
  • Width:9.00
  • Color/Finish Category:Chrome
  • Color/Finish Name:CHROME
  • Installation Instructions File:https://www.americanstandard-us.com/-/media/sites/asus/files/product-instruction-manuals/commercial-flush-valves/installationinstructions-6045013.pdf
  • Material:Brass
  • NEW Features 01:This High Efficiency 0.125 GPF flush valve saves 87% of water usage when matched with the Washbrook 0.125 GPF HEU
  • NEW Features 02:Self-cleaning brass piston with integral wiper spring prevents clogging and reduces maintenance
  • NEW Features 03:Piston operation delivers superior flush accuracy and repeatability
  • NEW Features 04:Piston valve remains closed and does not need to be reset after loss of water pressure
  • NEW Features 05:Non-hold open handle
  • NEW Features 06:Positive seal ensures leak-free performance
  • NEW Features 07:No external volume adjustment
  • NEW Features 08:Durable chrome-plated cast brass construction is ideal for commercial applications
  • NEW Features 09:Chloramine-resistant EPDM seals
  • Parts Breakdown File:https://www.americanstandard-us.com/-/media/sites/asus/files/parts/commercial-flush-valves/repairparts-6045013.pdf
  • Specification File:https://www.americanstandard-us.com/-/media/sites/asus/files/product-specs/bulk/specsheet6045013.pdf
  • Toilet Bowl Length:9-13/16 in

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