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  • Brand: Apex

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Simply bolt the separator on an arbor press, screw in a new set of pads, adjust them to correct thickness, and lock them in place; job done

The Apex GWR3525D Tool Group Brake Pad Separator – HD Model is a manual tool that requires no power

It has an ergonomic handle and foot pedal that allow the operator to control the speed with which the pads are forced apart

With this tool, you can stop spending time on complicated jobs and get back on the road faster than ever before

This unit features a high-power, 3/4 hp permanent magnet motor and rugged cast iron construction for long life and smooth operation

This professional-grade tool has a powerful engine and open-end drum that offers easy removal of brake pads from hydraulic disc brakes

This Apex tool has a maximum capacity of 25mm (1?) thickness and 125 mm (5?) width of brake pad

Apex Tool Group, a leading global supplier of tools, equipment and consumables engineered to enhance productivity and efficiency, is excited to announce their new line of TOOL GROUP BRAKE PAD SEPARATOR HD accessories

It makes it easy to remove or replace brake pads without damaging the work piece or the pad

A built-in cylinder with a wide opening accommodates calipers up to 3" in diameter, and the angle head makes it easier to reach rear brake pads

The GWR3525D is designed to quickly remove or install hardened steel, sintered and organic brake pads in either direction, left or right from the table surface

Eliminates the need for a press to remove and re-install brake pads on large or small arbor presses

This is a high quality piece of equipment, made in North America by people who care about their work

This Apex GWR3525D TOOL GROUP BRAKE PAD SEPARATOR HD is a high-quality, durable tool that's essential for separating caliper pads from rotors

The Apex Tool Group GWR3525D is a reliable and well-built tool that we can rely on for many years

This product is made of steel and has a black oxide coating

The Apex GWR3525D TOOL GROUP BRAKE PAD SEPARATOR HD will get your job done faster, and more efficiently

It is Great for separating the brake pads from a forklift drum

The heavy duty tool mounts securely to the arbor allowing for easy removal and replacement of brake pads

Tackle any brake job with the Apex GWR3525D

The Apex GWR3525D Tool Group Brake Pad Separator HD is a professional tool for separating brake pads from calipers


Drilled and pin riveted for long-lasting use

It is one of the tools we use in our shop here at Midstate Tool & Supply

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  • upc 821710352582
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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