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Apex GWR3700 TOOL GROUP Cmplete Cooling Sys Tester*NLA
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  • Brand: Apex

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Apex GWR3700 TOOL GROUP Cmplete Cooling Sys Tester*NLA

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Cmplete Cooling Sys Tester*NLA

The Apex GWR3700 Tool Group™ Combined Cooling System Tester is a handheld device that tests, diagnoses, and monitors HVAC system performance and functionality

The GWR3700 combines the functionality of two of the most popular systems tester tools on the market into one complete package that offers higher accuracy and more flexibility than any other unit on the market

The tester comes complete with a VSS hose connection adapter(s), suction cups, mounting bracket and wiring harness

With a quick turn of a knob or flick of a switch, you can test your cooling system to diagnose problems in your air handling units, condensing units, evaporators, fans, ducts, connectors, refrigerant flow rates and pressures

It will display on screen the charge air temperature, coolant temperature, and ambient temperature on both a single-block or multiple-block system

The Apex GWR3700 Tool Group Complete Cooling System Tester is the most comprehensive tool ever offered to diagnose problems with cars, light trucks and SUV's

The GWR3700 is designed to test, monitor and troubleshoot cooling systems

It tests components of a cooling system while the system is running, including temperature probes, fans and radiator pressure switches

The GWR3700 Cooling System Tester is the most advanced, highest performing cooling system tester ever

In addition it will store both coolant and charge air temperatures for every sensor in the system

The GWR3700 gives you tools to perform a complete diagnosis of all major engine cooling systems, including the radiator, water pump and hoses as well as testing other engine cooling components

The Apex GWR3700 is a complete cooling system tester designed to function as an integral part of any service facility

It's a complete, engineered solution that offers unmatched performance in an easy to use package

*Limited Availability* Cmplete Cooling Sys Tester*NLA

The Cooling System Tester is designed to test the function of a refrigeration system

Cmplete Cooling Sys Tester*NLA

This unit will check the evaporator fan, condenser fan, compressor operation, and the ability to measure system charge pressure and temperature

**NLA** Apex GWR3700 TOOL GROUP Cmplete Cooling Sys Tester*NLA

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  • upc 082171337000
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Weight:0.00
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