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*AVAIL 1019 *CVR* SENSOWASH I PLUS                                                                                                                D620000011401320
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  • Brand: Duravit

  • sku FERG-408145
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

*AVAIL 1019 *CVR* SENSOWASH I PLUS D620000011401320

Price: 2099-12-31 $6,032.00
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Our exclusive SENSOWASH I PLUS features a triple UV-C lamp that reaches up to 82,000 LUX output. This remarkable technology slashes wash times by more than half. Other features include a soft warming setting, 3 spray modes and a Quick Wash mode. User can select from a variety of wash cycles for most fabrics, including the handy 15-minute "Hand Wash" cycle for delicate items, all in a machine with a sleek, slimmer design .

The SENSOWASH I PLUS washing machine cleans your clothes the environment-friendly way. By using 75% less detergent you can reduce the chemical load on both your body and on the landfills. The iQ500 SENSOWASH i Plus is fully automatic just use the touch control to select the appropriate program.

The SENSOWASH I PLUS is a lightweight yet powerful portable dishwasher. It connects directly to the sink or faucet and allows you to wash your dishes wherever you go. Operates under continuous pressure, with no need for an external water source. The SENSOWASH I PLUS features a highly durable construction, compact footprint, and weighs only 8.4 pounds. Includes one stainless steel basket, stainless steel spray head, Quick Connect adapter, mounting bracket, drain hose, side spray wand, collapsible dish rack, adapter hose for aquariums over 1 gallon, replacement filter screen for inside of dishwasher,

Your kitchen will sparkle with this exciting steam-cleaning appliance. The SENSOWASH I PLUS gently cleans and sanitizes your kitchen's toughest messes including stovetops, ovens, grills, hard surfaces and countertops without any harsh chemicals or detergents.

Experience the benefits of wash-and-dry operation with the Sensowash I Plus. This dishwasher uses less water, energy and detergent - while still delivering five star clean results. The much easier way to clean dishes. Also features smart controls, hidden hinges and a handy cutlery basket.

Sensowash I PLUS is a drain care system that helps eliminate plumbing problems from using hard water safely. It is a comprehensive solution designed to restore the natural balance of your home's pipes through continuous automatic regeneration with any standard washing machine or dishwasher. Wash away your plumbing problems before they happen so you feel confident every time you use your sink, shower, and laundry.

The SensorWash® I Plus features SensorWash® technology-which automatically adjusts the water temperature to suit fabrics, dispensing just the right amount of water for your laundry. This handy 15kg washing machine also includes an innovative 5 level wash system that allows you to choose the ideal wash programme for your clothes.

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The smartest way to wash.

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  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Installation Method:Floor Mounted
  • Item model number:620000
  • Item Weight:105.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer:Duravit
  • Material:Ceramic
  • Part Number:620000011401320
  • Best Sellers Rank:#909,436 in Tools & Home Improvement
  • Date First Available :July 21, 2019
  • Package Dimensions :31 x 20 x 19 inches
  • Brand:Duravit

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