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Belimo KH-TF CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft
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  • Brand: BELIMO

  • sku NEU-76875
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Belimo KH-TF CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft

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CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft

When trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, it won't happen. The CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft is a great example of the saying, the answer is simple once you see the problem. TheCrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft is an easy-to-install product for old or new commercial and industrial buildings.

CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft The CrankArm TF is the latest evolution in electronic actuators, sourced from Belimo, the global leader in the HVAC industry. A newly designed power pack enhances energy efficiency on systems with a heat pump application, assisting component makers and equipment designers to improve performance of their HVAC products, enhance dependability or reduce energy costs. CrankArm TF also offers the greatest possible number of available control variants in a compact design. Due to its unique construction with an integrated compression spring,the actuator offers considerable advantages when compared to conventional sliding cam actuators.

The Belimo KH-TF CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft is designed to provide modulating flow control by combining the alternating action of two electromagnetic actuators with the discharge triggered by a rotating spool.

The KH-TF CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft Kit comes complete with a round shaft actuator and wave brake. The compact swing mechanism is suitable for a variety of applications, including fan coils and radiator systems that use a proportional directional valve to control the position of the fan or electric heater.

The Belimo KH-TF CrankArm TF ActuatorRoundShaft actuator with external trimming is a direct-drive…

The Belimo CrankArm TF round shaft actuator fits onto the end of a 4" - 5" round bell crank, a 4" - 5" square arm or a pipe spindle.

The CrankArm TF™ Actuator is a unique, compact design which incorporates the total function of the standard model into a small space.

1 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Date First Available :September 22, 2016
  • Manufacturer:Belimo
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