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Horizon Tool CAL157-600 Blade, for 157, Tubing Cutter.
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Horizon Tool CAL157-600 Blade, for 157, Tubing Cutter.

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Blade, for 157, Tubing Cutter

The Horizon Tool CAL157-600 Blade, for 157, Tubing Cutter is a replacement blade for use with the Horizon Tool 157 Tubing Cutter. It is made from durable hardened steel and fits the 158-058 tubing cutter.

The Horizon Tool CAL157-600 Blade for a 157 tubing cutter. The blade measures 5 in diameter x 3/32 in thick. This blade fits the following tubing cutters:  ` Horizon Tool 158 * Horizon Tool 1751 * Horizon Tool 1751K * Horizon Tool 1757 * Horizon Tool 1759Z * P&L Tubing Cutter 155 * P&L Tubing Cutter 175181012 * Sterling Tractor Tube Cutter GCR60

A 660 mm blade for Horizon 157, tubing cutter. Useful in winterize central irrigation systems and hydronic tubes, fittings and tubing cutters are well built with quality materials that will last. Blades are made from tungsten carbide, sharpened and hardened to a Rockwell hardness of RC54 then surface treated with TungOil to increase hardness up to RD63. The straight section of the blade is available for cutting pipes which are not heated. Sterilized in an autoclave

Get a good grip on whatever you are cutting with the Horizon Tool CAL157-600 blade for tubing cutter. Designed to work with tubing cutter model 157, this replacement blade features a razor sharp tip and 6 teeth per inch that make it easy to perform such cutting tasks as seaming tubing for hydronic heating in commercial applications. The blade is designed to last through a number of uses by offering excellent durability, which is further enhanced by its hardened steel body.

This tubing cutter blade is the perfect addition to your Horizon Tool CAL157, 157 Folding Cutting Saw. It has been constructed with a high-speed steel saw blade that won't lose its edge, and this product features a lifetime warranty.

The Horizon Tool CAL157-600 Blade is designed for the Horizon TC-series tubing cutters. The CAL157-600 blade sold here fits the following Tubing Cutters: Hazel Atlas: AC-50, AD-50, ADR-50, TCF220, and TCF 240. Sundberg: TCA220, and TCF225. Gardall: CAL240. Do not purchase this blade if you have one of the other cutters as it will not fit your unit

The Horizon Tubing Cutter is easy to use handsaw. It cuts accurately and safely from both ends of the tubing, saving time and labor. It is suitable for cutting copper, steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic tubes.

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