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U-30200P FLOWMETER 2 VERTICAL UP IPS is a flow meter for horizontal and vertical movement.

Flowmeter 2 vertical up ips, pump, switch box and wiring harness connector

This Flowmeter has been designed for natural gas. It is a 2 vertical up IPS flow measurement system with 30 m of 0,75 mm2 steel tube and a GH-3481 flow sensor fitted at the top of the flow meter.

The blue & white U-30200P is a two-piece flow meter that is designed for use with 2 vertical up IPS.

It's important to understand the unique flow patterns of the pipe at the site. The U-30200P is a vertical up IPS Flowmeter for processing plants, municipal utilities, power plants, refineries, ship building plants, chemical plants and water treatment plants.

The Flowmeter 2 is equipped with a built-in radar separator sensor to prevent interference from obstructions

Easy to install, the FLOWMETER® is a self-contained, self-powered device with integral transmitter.† It can be installed at any point between the pump and the pressure regulator on just about every chilled water system. Six ranges are available to best match field conditions.

The BLUE & WHITE U-30200P is a flowmeter which has been designed for use with flow controllers in new installations and upgrades of 2-inch (DN 50) non-return valves.

The NEW U-30200P Flow Meter with pulsation protection is a compact, high performance low pressure flow meter designed for pumping applications that require protection from pulsations and cavitation. The housing is made of 316 stainless steel, eliminating wetted materials from the process medium.

The Blue & White U-30200P is a self-contained meter for measuring flow or volume of liquids in a pipe. The meter can be used to measure the flow of water, gas, oil, and other liquid materials in a pipe specified in its rating table. The meter is IP65 rated and may be installed vertically or horizontally in any orientation. The meter is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and operates at voltages between 110 to 1000 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

A flowmeter is a measurement instrument used to measure the flow rate of gases or liquids. It is based on the Doppler principle of particle dynamics, and typically consists of a vibrating component that passes close to a particle (such as a sphere) at some known speed, usually at right angles to the direction of flow. The frequency of vibration gives an indication of the flow rate.

With our simple, two-piece design for quick installation, the Hach U-30200P is an affordable way to monitor water flow through your water softener. Plus, you have a choice of different mounting options to fit your particular application.

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  • Date First Available :April 18, 2012
  • Item model number:U-30200P
  • Manufacturer:Blue-white Industries, Ltd
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