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Bobrick 386  304 Stainless Steel Partition-Mounted Multi-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser with 2 Toilet Compartments, Satin Finish, 13-1/4" Width x 10-9/16" Height
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  • Brand: Bobrick

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Bobrick 386 304 Stainless Steel Partition-Mounted Multi-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser with 2 Toilet Compartments, Satin Finish, 13-1/4" Width x 10-9/16" Height

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Bobrick Part Mtd Dual Toilet Tissue Disp Stainless Steel

Material: Stainless Steel|Dimension: |Category: Toilet Tissue Dispensers|Brand: Bobrick

The Partition Mounted Multi-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser with two toilet compartments provides an overall capacity of over 1150 ft. of tissue. This system comes with the double toilet tissue compartment, partition plate, mounting plate, O-ring, dispensing tube, and housing cap along with pre-installed snap hooks for attachment to Bobrick standard toilets.

Add a sleek look to any restroom with the Part Mtd stainless steel toilet tissue dispenser. This partition mounted self-closing touchless toilet tissue dispenser features refillable dual-output compartments and an adjustable partition.

Push a button for a quick, easy way to dispense one or two sets of toilet tissue. Bobrick’s exclusive flush-bar design assures that roll tissue will feed smoothly and remain fully extended during use. Includes a one-piece, top-hinged cover that snaps into the brackets with a positive action for full-time access to the tissue. A front panel with stainless steel push buttons and solid brass roto shuts quickly and positively, even with repeated use.

It has been nearly a century since Bobrick first changed the industry of hygiene. In 1918, the company revolutionized restroom sanitation with the first wall-mounted toilet tissue dispenser. Today, more restroom fixtures are sold that Bobrick than from any other manufacturer.

The Bobrick 386 stainless steel partition-mounted multi-roll tissue dispenser with 2 tissue compartments provides positive tissue sensing and easy access to two multi-roll tissue packs, either two 1-1/2" or one 2" diameter rolls. The unit's satin finish complements other Bobrick products in the dispenser line.

The Bobrick 386 comes with a satin finish and features two toilet compartments. The door is fitted with a brass push plate and has an entry latch to secure contents. The inside of the door is equipped with an adjustable paper guide, and the dispenser automatically resets for easy operation.

The Bobrick 386 Series is designed for space-challenged facilities. It combines a partition-mounted tissue dispenser and waste receptacle in one stylish, compact unit. The easy-to-remove plastic liner fits inside the main compartment, keeping the disposal area neat and sanitary. With no exposed plumbing to trap dirt or germs, the dispenser will always look clean and inviting to guests.

Partition-mounted single or dual multi-roll toilet tissue dispensers provide maximum space savings in the restroom. Partition Mounted Tissue Dispensers are fabricated entirely of 304 series stainless steel with 100% welded construction and polished finished. Efficient, reliable and easy to install and maintain, Paper Towel Dispenser and Tissue Dispenser partition mounted models offer year-after-year of trouble free service. Available in 7 configurations: 1 compartment; 2 compartments; 3 compartments; 4 compartments; 5 compartments; 6 compartments; and 2 compartments (for use with wall type dispenser units

Open bathroom cabinet to reveal dual-compartment toilet tissue dispenser. Mounts inside cabinet doors for use with standard size toilet tissue, 2 ply or 1 ply. Quality stainless steel construction includes corrosion-resistant Satin Finish to match any décor. Dispenses one roll at a time for added convenience. Close door securely with easy-grip door knob. Cabinet floor mounted option also available under SKU S39-014830.

Partition-mounted two-compartment toilet tissue dispenser cabinet lets you keep supplies in place quietly and securely.

Partition-mounted multi-roll toilet tissue dispenser with 2 compartments on right, 1 on left for bulk dispensing, accommodates both 2-ply & single ply tissue

A fully featured tissue dispenser designed for public use. With a capacity of 220 standard tissues per roll, its built-in antimicrobial agent is effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. The valve stem and handle are removable for easy cleaning and refilling.

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