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  • Brand: Chaosium,Inc.

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  • upc 9781568824376
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CoC: Doors to Darkness

A modern classic card game is getting a facelift. We are creating a new version of CoC: Doors to Darkness. The game will feature larger cards with upgraded components as well as a newly designed rule book. A lot of effort has gone into the original development of the game, we hope you enjoy it!

Open the door to adventure with CoC: Doors to Darkness, a stand-alone RPG for players of all experience levels. In the world of this game, everyday objects are imbued with special powers called Ominous Compulsions—things like boots that speed you up when you travel and coins that can spread darkness and ruin with a single toss.

Players familiar with the Call Of Cthulhu game system will recognize these miniatures as representations of characters from Chaosium's 'Horror in Dunwich' campaign - re-designed using London's Cultist Modular Sculpting System (CMS). The first release from a new team of sculptors sounds the call of Cthulhu!

This book is an introduction to the world of Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu Roleplays. Its features include "Guidelines for Horror Gaming," "Roleplaying Gamemastering," and a section on making your own Creatures. This book also includes descriptions of over sixty creatures, from 5th edition that will work well with both CoC 6th edition and CoC 7th edition. Showcasing this book in your store will bring in new and old customers alike!

There are hidden doors all over Orrorsh. Some lead to power, some prestige, and some take one to places never meant for human eyes. But why do these doors exist, and why are they universally viewed as evil? As part of a special anti-occult task force, you will be sent to find out what lies behind these portals and stop the darkness from spreading...

Take the plunge into Deadlight, a dark fantasy first-person survival horror game. You awaken near a site of ancient powers, now tainted by evil below the streets of London. Fight to free the land from hostile magic and wield a blade forged in forgotten times.

Ishardin, the lost dwarven citadel, was once a place of great power. Though not an outpost of some greater bastion of good, its halls held stores of knowledge that were sought by the greatest mages of the age. The great mage Ahghairon built a series of magical portals to help him travel to these secret places, and it was through these portals that he gained much knowledge about magical items, languages, and other areas of arcana. Each portal was keyed to a series of passwords chosen by Ahghairon himself, and protected from tampering and discovery by fiendish traps.

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  • upc 9781568824376
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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  • Dimensions :8.4 x 0.6 x 10.8 inches
  • Hardcover :144 pages
  • ISBN-10 :1568824378
  • ISBN-13 :978-1568824376
  • Item Weight:1.5 pounds
  • Language:English
  • Publisher :Chaosium Inc.; first edition (December 19, 2016)
  • Print length:144 pages
  • Publication date:December 19, 2016

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