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  • Brand: CARRIER

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Carrier 4662 Scale Control Scale Control

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Scale Control

Scale Control is an automatic water shut-off valve that disconnects the water supply to a scale when it senses the weight of the water accumulating on the scale pan. It is a successful method used for many years by commercial laundromats in shutting off water to clean out the drain discharge before new wash water is introduced.

Scale control provides fast, easy preset calibration and ensures accuracy for fast, accurate weighing on this high quality scale.

The Carrier 4662 has a "Scale Control" feature.

Carrier 4662 Scale Control is an Electromagnetic signal generator that controls and limits the weighing signals to the electronic weight indicator. It provides accurate, reliable and stable weighing operation for support of gaseous and powdered materials in industrial processes.

Keep your scale under control. This two channel digital scale controller is designed to keep your scale under and accurate set point. The up/down buttons are accessible from outside for adding or removing material. For ease of syncing with a second controller, simply select "Master" and push one sync button. The green LED's will blink to confirm that synchronization mode has been activated. There are no controls on the back side of the LCD panel, so you can place it in an area where there is no interference with the front indicators (a 45 degree cone in front of and below the panel works well).

When you need to control your scale, Carrier has the tools for you. Simple to use and easy to set up, these tools work in conjunction with Carrier HVAC systems to help you control your home comfort system.

Safer than a weight-based scale control and much faster than a conductivity controller, Carrier's 4662 is a hybrid of the two most popular thermal mass flow controllers – the only such system on the market. This innovative technology helps you get a handle on condenser draft to provide accurate adsorption refrigeration performance. A small, intelligent scale sensor and barometric pressure sensor analyze how much refrigerant is on board, then send that information to a processor that governs how much adsorbing refrigerant is added or removed to achieve and maintain a set load value. This is how you get all the advantages of conductivity

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