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Carrier HH79NZ091 Outside Air Temp Sensor Outside Air Temp Sensor
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  • Brand: CARRIER

  • sku NEU-80740
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Carrier HH79NZ091 Outside Air Temp Sensor Outside Air Temp Sensor

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Outside Air Temp Sensor

This Carrier part is the Outside Air Temp Sensor. The Carrier part number for this sensor is HH79NZ091. This sensor was manufactured in 03/14/2014 and carries a warranty of 1 year.

The Carrier Carrier HH79NZ091 Outside Air Temperature Sensor is used in a wide range of unit models.

This sensor is the perfect replacement for your Carrier outside air temperature sensor. It can be used on Carrier furnaces with a Honeywell or Ademco control board. The new sensor is quick and easy to install. Simply remove the mounting screws, take out the old one, and replace with this brand new unit. This durable sensor can withstand temperatures up to 400°F, so you know it will work great as long as you own it.

This outside air temperature sensor lets you monitor the temperature outside your Carrier high-efficiency, gas furnace and set your system to work harder on cold days or lower itself when it's warmer outdoors. This is especially useful in cold climates where outdoor temperatures can be extreme.

Monitor relative humidity and temperature for a comfortable indoor environment and energy savings – all from a single display. The Carrier® HH79NZ091 outside air sensor detects your unit's relative humidity and temperature, and displays those readings on the...

This Carrier air conditioner sensor allows you to control your HVAC system based on the outside air temperature.

This outdoor air temperature sensor allows you to wirelessly monitor the outdoor air temperature at your home, and has been designed to work with Carrier's 90% furnace humidity control systems.

Monitoring the outside air will help you to adjust your heating and cooling systems to meet your exact comfort needs. This sensor is the simplest way to do that!

Monitor the outdoor temperature with the convenient Carrier outdoor air temperature sensor. Carrier outdoor air temperature sensors directly connect to Carrier whole-house thermostats and mini-split systems for accurate monitoring of the ambient air temperature between 45 and 120 degrees. Includes mounting hardware.

Why pay twice as much for Carrier products when you can get the same quality right here? Carriers genuine parts are subjected to high temperature testing, which cycles temperature between 250 °F to -50 °F at a rate of 15 °F/Min; this is twice as extreme as certified conditions.

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