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Hydrolevel CG400-2090 CG400-2090 24V CycleGuard Low Water Cut-Off Valve offers protection for most residential cooling systems from freezing, especially during winter months with outdoor temperatures below 32? F. It is engineered to disconnect the condensing unit`s liquid line, located at the air handler, or indoor coil from the outdoor unit if the temperature at the coil drops below 32? F. A 120 VAC solenoid valve is provided to ensure complete repair access and

The CYCLEGARD low water cut-off is a 24V external freeze protection switch that monitors the water level in the compressor's liquid line. If the water level drops too low, it shuts off the compressor. This can be particularly important in applications with a long piping run from the liquid reservoir to the unit. This will prevent the compressor from running dry and possibly causing damage to it, or cause icing on your equipment.

The HydroLevel® CG400-2090 24V cycle guard low water cut-off system was designed with convenience in mind. The exclusive level sensor switch shuts off pool pump and motor when water level is too low and automatically restarts them when the water depth returns to normal range. Mounts on any return fitting, with a small hole drilled into the suction line near the pump basket.

The HydroLevel CG400-2090 CycleGuard low water cut-off provides water level detection for standard cycle tanks. The CycleGuard adjusts the fill cycle each time the pump turns off ensuring that the generator runs dry and crimp connectors are protected. Features: -Eliminates the need to empty tanks each day -Accurate indication of tank level -Adaptable to any existing control system -Choice of cable connection or remote connection

HydroLevel - The most dependable way to maintain an excellent pumping system. Easy Access Sensor - cycles pump on / off automatically. This is especially useful when pumping has been interrupted for hours at a time. CycleGuard Low-Water Cut-Off - stops the pump from running if it can't draw enough water to do the job. Fill and Charge System - easy to install, fill and charge the system yourself with no need to remove it from the tank. The dock can be recharged at any

HydroLevel® Low Water Cut-off. Easy to operate Low Water Cut Off is a fully automatic cycle off system that turns the heat pump water heater off when the water level gets to "0", cutting off the gas when the tank is empty or nearly empty. It will extend the life of your water heater and save you from extreme temperature water should the tank dry out.

This automatic water shut-off system offers peace of mind without sacrificing performance. The CG400-2090 is designed to detect moisture levels in the boiler and automatically shuts off as soon as a low temperature or dry run situation is detected . This ensures that your fire won't be running in almost empty water and can reduce the potential for creosote build up. The certified CycleGard control module has an embedded LCD display that indicates when the “Low Water” condition has been detected , when

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