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  • Brand: Apex

  • sku MSTS-73287
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Price: 2099-12-31 $22.40
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The ratcheting box end provides a 12 point contact area which allows for more torque to be applied to the fastener

The ratcheting box end allows you to easily tighten or loosen nuts and bolts that are on rusted or corroded fasteners while the straight design provides clearance so that you can fit it into tight spaces

This 12mm combination ratcheting wrench is made of chrome vanadium steel for durability and strength

This ratcheting wrench has a 14-point box end which holds fasteners securely so that they do not slip or spin

Also, the wrench features a knurled design which helps in providing a better grip so that you can work more efficiently on your projects

The Apex KD9112 Combination Ratcheting Wrench is made of forged chrome vanadium steel and has a 14mm combination ratcheting box end

It features a forged, heat treated body and comfortable, slip resistant thermoplastic comfort grip handle

The wrench has an internal ratchet mechanism that allows you to have fast and easy adjustments on your bolts or nuts

The socket size of this wrench is 12mm, and it weighs about 9 ounces

This is great for any application where you need to tighten or loosen something, but it also comes with a spring-loaded feature that allows the handle to stay locked in place

This is made from high quality steel, and it's rust resistant as well so it will last for quite some time

The Apex KD9112 Combination Ratcheting Wrench is a versatile, ratcheting piece that easily adjusts to fasteners across a variety of sizes

This feature also allows the user to easily turn fasteners in tight spaces and at awkward angles

Merely a century ago, the wrench was a standalone tool

This 12mm wrench features a comfortable handle and durable design that makes it easy to use for a variety of applications

It gives you the access to work in tight spaces

The Apex KD9112 Combination Ratcheting Wrench is a 12mm combination ratcheting wrench made from drop forged steel to provide superior strength

This is why mechanics and engineers today have created “combination ratcheting wrenches” – tools that feature both standard wrench heads as well as ratchet heads for increased convenience and ease of use when assembling or disassembling objects

The Apex KD9112 Combination Ratcheting Wrench is a must-have tool for every automotive enthusiast

The new Apex KD9112 combination ratcheting wrench has a full-size 12mm box end on one side and 12 mm combination wrench on the other

With the help of the wrench, you will be able to turn them freely and quickly with its high-tensile chrome vanadium steel construction

It has an attractive satin finish for a professional appearance

This is a combination ratcheting wrench that has a 12mm opening

Today however, the wrench is but one of many tools in a mechanic’s shop

Engineered to tackle any job, this ratcheting wrench features a 12mm combination ratcheting head and an 18-point box end that's perfect for working on hard to reach areas

The Apex KD9112 Combination Ratcheting Wrench is the perfect all-purpose tool for every job

It was used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts on refrigerators, cars, bikes, etc

The Apex KD9112 is one of the best wrenches available at this price point, with all of the necessary features that you have come to expect from Eagle Tools

The full-polish 12mm Apex KD9112 Ratcheting Wrench is made of drop-forged heat treated alloy steel

The Apex KD9112 has a slip-resistant, soft grip handle for comfortable use

The ratcheting wrench can also be used as a standard box-end wrench and can help with severe cases of stripped or rusted bolts by giving you more room to work with

This is because wrenches are quite susceptible to wear and tear due to constant use

This 12mm combination ratcheting wrench has a 1/2" drive and the head rotates 360 degrees making it flexible enough to reach those hard to get at places

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  • upc 697099440406
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Weight:0.01

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