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Delta Faucet Co 41912KS Delta BathSafety: Angular Mode
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Delta Faucet Co 41912KS Delta BathSafety: Angular Mode

Price: 2099-12-31 $126.96
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Delta BathSafety: Angular Mode

With the Delta BathSafety: Angular Mode Handle, you can adjust your bathtub and shower water temperature easily while in a seated position, by reaching over the tub or shower wall with your hand, instead of having to always get up and physically turn the water control from behind.

The Delta BathSafety: Angular Mode faucet has a pop-up drain with tool-free cleaning access, and includes a stopper and tailpiece kit. A decorative showerhead and handheld sprayer are also included

When you're in the shower and need to clean your body, shampoo and soap can be hard to hold. With the Delta BathSafety: Angular Mode Showerhead, you can rinse off without worrying about slipping.

Delta's innovative BathSafety: Angular Mode faucet offers a new and improved way to take showers and bathe. It works by sensing the position of your body in motion under the faucet's spray, and adjusts its water output accordingly so only the amount you need is used. Features include Duralock Quick Connect for easy installation, WaterSense certification for water saver, Delta Monitor System that monitors water use at the shower head.

Help protect baby from serious injury with this angle stop bathtub faucet and holder. Features include Delta BathSafety: Angular Mode and a Delta MagnaTite Docking System that helps secure its dual magnetic docking system and prevents slipping, even when wet. The bathtub filler has a single hole for easy installation, flexible supply lines, a WaterSense certification for water savings, and a five-year limited warranty.

Keep your children safer with BathSafety: Angular Mode.

BathSafety: Angular Mode allows you to run your hands and arms directly into the path of the shower's spray without harming yourself. This mode is particularly helpful for children, arthritis sufferers, or other users who may be at risk when taking a shower.

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