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The DELTA PEER REP KIT RP2078 is essential for any home's comfort system. Designed to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the indoor area, it does so by balancing heat sources with air flow. The system's installation is simple and features an efficient technology that minimizes energy costs. This convenient kit includes two cassette heaters, an identical control knob set for each room, as well as double-sided tape and wire guides for a worry-free installation. This fan heater provides instant heating regardless of the time of year. It is factory-equipped to be used with propane or natural gas and features pilot

One of the most convenient and distinctive features of the Delta Peer Rep Kit RP2078 is its ability to easily save useable water from your dishes to reuse for your gardening needs. This kit works in conjunction with a valve, which you can install. This way, the water will be easily transferred into a separate barrel. So, as you wash your dishes or shower, you can instead drain the easy-to-access tank and have it ready for reusing later. You'll no longer have to worry about wasting any water when rinsing or washing anything.

The Delta Peer Rep Kit RP2078 provides a convenient method of gaining access into a locked room, eliminating the need for locksmiths. The kit is composed of entry devices that can be used by law enforcement to gain access to rooms and containers in domestic and foreign environments.

Create a sleek, modern look in any room with an understated accent wall. The DIY installation concept of the Delta Peer Rep Kit RP2078 makes it simple for non-professionals to install.

The Peer Rep Kit RP2078 is a communication system that connects directly to built-in installation interface of most Delta Thermostatic Shower and Bath Systems. In the case of an emergency, the emergency notification feature makes a 30 second pre-recorded voice message that is broadcast from the master shower, bath or bathroom.

The PMK RP2078 is the perfect kit for any plumbing contractor to have handy for installing the new PMK Delta Peer Rep Kit RP2078. It features stainless steel multi-tool, (3) 160 PSI valves, (2) stainless steel ball cocks with a 27° swing and a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute, (1) RP2622-1 3/4 inch backflow preventer, large comfortable grip handle allows for plenty of room to work with. With its compact design an contractors can carry this kit wherever they go, also includes a convenient carrying case.

Delta Peer Rep 2-Tool Kit RP2078 includes an Interchangeable Tire Installation Tool, Glass Breakage Detector and a Battery Clamp.

1 days
  • upc 54374100927
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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