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  • Brand: DEWALT

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DeWalt B1036456 & #174 Pilot Point & #174 Drill Bit Set, , 16 Piece Set

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The product is 16PC Pilot PT Bit Set. Easy to use. The product is manufactured in China.

and 3/8 inch

The product is mainly used for drilling in wood, metal and plastic

, 7/32 in

The product is manufactured in china

DeWalt B1036456 & #174 Pilot Point & #174 Drill Bit Set, , 16 Piece Set

The drill bits are made of high-quality high-speed steel, which can withstand very high temperatures and has good toughness and wear resistance

, 9/64 in

These wood bits are designed to bore through wood, plastic and other softer materials, and the set includes a durable storage box for convenient organization

The 3/8” shanks are designed for use in power drills and screw guns

These bits have a larger diameter than standard twist bits, which helps them penetrate more easily when drilling into tough surfaces

The Pilot Point Drill Bit Set (16-Piece) is designed to drill holes in wood or metal

, 5/32 in

The DeWalt 16PC Pilot Point Drills are made from tough steel for durability

The 16 pc

The drill bit set includes 7 hole saw bits, 5 straight shank twist drills and 3 spade drill bits

This product is constructed to be durable, easy to use and long lasting

The point of the bit has two cutting edges and three spurs to remove chips from the hole

This 16 piece set of drill bits provides you with the most frequently used sizes for woodworking, remodeling and finishing

The tip size on these bits is measured in 32nds of an inch, and each piece has a 5/64" pilot point for added accuracy and for increased durability

, 5/16 in

bit set has a range of sizes from 1/8" to 3/4"

The DeWalt 16-piece Pilot Point Drill Bit Set is an ideal addition to your drill bit set collection

This product is manufactured in China

, 1/4 in

The bits are made from heat-treated, high-speed steel for durability and long lasting use

Global Industrial – 16 Piece Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

The DeWalt B1036456 & #174 Pilot Point & #174 Drill Bit Set, , 16 Piece Set is made of high quality material

The pilot point design and split point allows for drilling in wood, metal, plastic and other materials without the risk of the bit walking and leaving unsightly holes or marks

The products are manufactured by Global Industrial, LLC in China

They are designed with a pilot point to help guide the bit, reduce walking and improve accuracy

It comes with a variety of sizes: 11/64 in

, 3/16 in

This 16-piece, high-performance drill bit set includes the most commonly used bits for drilling into wood as well as holes and pilot holes for machine screws

, 9/32 in

, 11/32 in

The 1/4" shanks are designed for use in electric drills, routers and screw guns

This product is a drill bit set

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