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Duravit DuraStyle Toilet Bowl 2160010085 White
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  • Brand: Duravit

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Duravit DuraStyle Toilet Bowl 2160010085 White

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Duravit DuraStyle Toilet Bowl 2160010085 White

The DuraStyle 2160010085 CHF/2122+0706 Toilet Bowl is a masterful blend of style, simplicity, and practicality. The DuraStyle toilet comes with an integrated brush holder that allows you keep all the necessary toilet care tools within reach. The bowl itself offers a smooth glazed finish that only seems to get better with time. The high arching rim and generously sized waste opening ensure a comfortable experience while also maximizing water surface area and optimizing flushing performance

The Duravit DuraStyle Toilet Bowl is a white, IsoBox Waterproof 2000-Series toilet bowl featuring the AcousticUpflush technology. It comes with SanitGard anti-microbial/bacterial protection and an integrated system of CleanCoat anti-lime coating. The non-porous surface in this toilet bowl provides easy cleaning, making it ideal for residential settings and hotel rooms.

Duravit's DuraStyle Toilet Bowl offers attractive design and exceptional durability. This toilet features a 17-1/2" rough-in and features a 1.28 gpf/3.0 lpf flush volume. The elongated bowl helps to maximize comfort and space.

Since 1817 Duravit stands for health, wellbeing and cleanliness. The ability to invent and to perfect according to the given circumstances. Duravit DuraStyle is making a new way in the toilet sector with a slim, polished porcelain bowl with an integrated comfort seat and a combination of high quality and low consumption. Features ?PREMIUM INNOVATION? -The toilet bowl manufactured from premium quality vitreous china containing five percent glaze. The light color

Staying true to the innovation spirit of Duravit, DuraStyle Toilet Bowls take design a step further – with sleek lines and sophisticated profiles that highlight its close collaboration with renowned designers. The uncompromising experience is enhanced by a sleek shape, refined surfaces, practical details and a multitude of colour and material choices.

The widely awarded DuraStyle Toilet Bowl is made of Duravit's high-tech AquaPura material. It is the first toilet with a ceramic core, making the bowl three times as durable as standard models. Because of its seamless design, there are no hidden seams that can trap dirt or bacteria. The bowl has a SoftClose seat mechanism and an ergonomic handle that keeps you comfortable every time you use it.

Modern lines and high-gloss finishes give this DuraStyle toilet bowl its elegant appearance. Its large water surface guarantees an extensive rim for a comfortable washing of the user's backside. Duravit presents its new generation of toilets with an imposing, sculptured silhouette and innovative details. The surface structure is the key to achieving all the conditions for high-quality glazing: smooth, even wall, optimum coverage of the substrate, and tailor-made porcelain fired to a high temperature (+

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