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Honeywell 12278 FC37A1064 12.4 X 20 X 4.4 EAC CELL 12.4 X 20 X 4.4 EAC CELL
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  • Brand: Honeywell

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Honeywell 12278 FC37A1064 12.4 X 20 X 4.4 EAC CELL 12.4 X 20 X 4.4 EAC CELL

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The HONEYWELL FC37A1064 12.4 X 20 X 4.4 EAC CELL is a 2 stage EAC cell for F50, F300 & F500 series AirCross units.

At Honeywell Air Filters, we are helping to improve air quality around the world every day. Our research and development team is committed to developing new ways of enhancing clean breathing air with affordable technology. This filter will work with the following models: 12.4 X 20 X 4.4 EAC CELL F50, F300, F5

The Honeywell F50, F300 series and the F5 all need a two-stage EAC (Electrostatic Air Cleaner) to clean airstreams up to 24,000 CFM. The FC37A1064 is supplied complete - housing, air preheater and control circuitry, along with an electrical connection for easy field installation.

The F5 is a portable air cleaner with two Stages. 2 Stage EAC (Energy Air Clean) Cell. Can be used in mobile applications where occupant presence is intermittent or continuous and in stationary applications where space permits.

The Honeywell Water Cell can be used in place of the R2 Water Cells shown in the manual for all of the FC37, FC37A, PCC38E or PCC41 P Series air cleaners. It is equivalent to an R2 TWO STAGE EAC Water Cell.

Honeywell EAC CELL 12.4 x 20 x 4.4 Two Stage Carbon Replacement Air Filter can be used in applications requiring a 2 stage filter. This line is part of Honeywell's Professional Grade product line of HEPA filters and replacement air filters.

Honeywell EAC cell has a unique two stage design that provides EAC and cooling for the compressed air system. The EAC cell is made with a rugged high impact glass filled nylon housing with molded-in mounting tabs. It comes with a 3/8 inch liquid line center ring and connectors, 3/8 inch liquid line dip tube, and check valve.

2 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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