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Garden Way's 795-00318 Bar 10 Tri Liner is a unique tool that cuts grooves in the ground for plants as wells as making raised garden beds. Rotate a short distance for a bark ridge or deeply into the ground for a root ridge. The Bar 10 also effectively works to divide large areas, separating sections of beds, and creating circles for new plantings in lawns.

The Garden Way 795-00318 is a Bar 10 brand Tri Liner square baler featuring a steel frame with crank lift, crimped wire or tape tie bales.

The Garden Way 795-00318 Bar 10 Tri is a multi-use outdoor patio bar perfect in grilling, serving, entertaining and more. You will love its large size and many uses. It features one-piece cast aluminum construction with three convenient shelves for drinks, food or tools. This modern outdoor bar will be a great addition to your outdoor entertaining area.

The Bar-10 is designed with a tilting steering wheel, quiet drive and 24 HP Kohler gas engine. The twin tank system allows you to choose from using liquid propane or unleaded fuel. The Bar-10 comes standard with all the features you would want including electric starter, cruise control, 21 inch rear tires, and premium fenders with the ability to add 3 point hitch for some of the extra attachments you need for your hauling jobs.

The sleek and modern Bar 10 is equipped with a 9" (23 cm) diameter stainless steel plate, so there's space to grill for everyone. The Cooking mode controller starts and controls your fire, while the Food Probe thermometer pinpoints the temperature in three different places on your meat, fish or poultry. This electric barbeque has a power output of 240 watts and also has a temperature gauge, making it ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

Mows up to 18 inches - Low Profile

This welded steel sided 10' x 7' x 3' model is painted white with blue trim on both side rails. Two latch locks on the door of the coop. A large double hung picture window provides plenty of ventilation. The waterproofing and camo painting are done in a high quality, 4 step process; enamel, primer, automotive grade clear coating and a thick rubberized coating to prevent scratching and gouges. CAMO PICTURE SHOWN IS ACTUAL SHED

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