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General Electric 381028 FUSE;
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General Electric 381028 FUSE;

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The FUSE™ is a portable, tabletop plasma cutting system that makes complex cuts with precise control. It's capable of cutting up to 1/4 in. mild steel and can be set up to work with a variety of materials.

With the FUSE, no one needs to wait for household repairs. This 120-Volt to 12-Volt charger can charge up to two devices at once, and works with brands like Sonos, iPhone, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and more. Use this durable adapter to charge your devices, even when the power is out.

The FUSE™ app works in conjunction with your MY GE App to provide you with the latest updates on when you're using water wisely, help you take it easy when its cold outside, and much more. With this free app you are in control of all the features that are available through your FUSE™ Smart Meter.

Our state-of-the-art 800 to 1000 VAC FUSE/KIT is a direct replacement for a fiberglass fuse. This FUSE/KIT is used in the Selective Call system. This FUSE/KIT has been redesigned to make installation easier, to eliminate manufacturing problems and inventory shortages, and to assure product performance. In addition, this FUSE/KIT can be shipped from warehouse stock by parcel carriers to directly replace obsolete fuse/kits.

With a rating of 125Vac, the Fuse is a time-delay fuse.

The GE Fuse is a mid-size microwave that fits in tight spaces and lets you reheat and cook delicious meals in minutes.

Our GE Fuse is engineered with you in mind. With the powerful motor of 10 amps, this dryer has professional drying technology to not only handle your everyday loads but also your specialized fabrics with steam features for added care where needed. It's the perfect size, too - compact enough to fit into any home yet large enough to handle any load.

This GE replacement fuse fits the GE charging cords listed below and protects valuable electronics like cell phones, laptops, and GPS devices. It can be used to replace the fuse in the plug of any of these products:

A Proven, Reliable Solution for Plug-In Applications.

Amp/Motor Protection Relay, Series: GFR

Maybe the reason the microwave died is because you couldn't open it with your hands full of dinner. Our microwave door design lets you open it with one hand. And, our touchpad buttons are large enough to be found easily with your fingers or an oven mitt.

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