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  • Brand: Ammex

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Ammex AMXGWON46100 Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Large

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Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Large

Protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and chemicals with Ammex Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Large. These gloves have a multilayer design that protects your hands against the effects of friction, heat, various chemicals, and oils. The natural rubber latex gloves are powder-free to reduce the risk of irritation. An elastic wristband on each glove provides a good fit and easy removal at the end of the day. Constructed from a form-fitting material, these gloves provide an excellent grip when handling heavy items or working with greasy bearings and machines. The gloves are sterile and contain no additives

The AMXGWON46100 Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Large has a one hundred percent natural latex coating. They contain no cutting agents and are powder-free. Only Ammex offers the protection of food-grade, high-density nitrile with the shock resistance of natural latex for superior puncture resistance.

Our Ammex Model AMXGWON46100 Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Large is ideal for food and chemical handling applications and are powder free. Meets US FDA standards, 100 gloves per box.

Ammex Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Large. Easily identify your gloves with the Gloveworks identification badge.  Made of high quality latex, these durable gloves are puncture resistant and great for cleaning up or handling chemicals. ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A5, Medium-High Resistance, Flame Resistant, 8 Mil Thick

Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile gloves are high visibility, 4 mil gloves. These gloves are compared to Ansell HyFlex® when compared to HyFlex® in the market. HD Nitrile is as thin as a latex glove but maintains a higher tensile strength and tearthru quality due to its nitrile content. They are also resistant to oil, transmission fluids, and most common chemicals and solvents.

Ammex's strongest and most durable glove, the Gloveworks Nitrile glove is an excellent choice for those working in chemical and industrial environments. The glove features a extra heavy duty construction for extra durability during tasks such as machine maintenance and assembly, painting, food processing, and general clean-up.

These extra large Nitrile gloves are ideal for industrial use. They protect against harmful coolants, oils, solvents, mild acids and detergents. They are made from hi-vis polymer with maximum flexibility and functionality. Latex-free and powder free.

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  • upc 697383966605
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:9.50
  • Height:4.25
  • Width:5.25

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