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Grohe 35111000 ^Grohe - GROHSAFE - GROHSF 3.0
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  • Brand: Grohe

  • sku PHAC-33739
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Grohe 35111000 ^Grohe - GROHSAFE - GROHSF 3.0

Price: 2099-12-31 $71.65
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^Grohe - GROHSAFE - GROHSF 3.0

Turn on the water with the push of a button, and your faucet is instantly ready to deliver hot, filtered water. ^Grohe - GROHSAFE - GROHSF 3.0 sinks and faucets communicate via Bluetooth 4.0 LE with smart phones, tablets or other Bluetooth enabled devices. The GROHE Smart Bridge device connects to your home Wi-Fi network securely to communicate.

GROHE's GROHSAFE-GROHSF 3.0 uses a sensor technology that detects movement in the vicinity of the water-filled magnetic field that is used for balancing. It automatically deactivates if it senses movement, preventing scalding and safeguarding your children from burns.

Achieve greater peace of mind with Grohe's latest release: GROHSAFE Galaxy. GROHSAFE Galaxy showers include self-closing, water-saving features and automatic temperature control, which will help save water and energy costs.

The GROHSAFE 3.0 has been specifically designed for the North American market to satisfy a variety of building and plumbing codes. It is installed as an overhead mount for seamless integration into the traveling bathroom and can be customized for multiple applications in conjunction with accessories. It features a lockable door, touch-free operation, optional wireless control, and above all an innovative crash-proof safety sensor that prevents tubs from overflowing.

The GROHSF 3.0 features a unique safety system that reacts in case of a drop: The handle will be locked and the instant hot water supply to the tap shut off.

The Automated Anti-Scalding System GROHSAFE 3.0 stops gas from flowing to the water heater when the water reaches a given temperature, thus preventing accidental scalding.

GROHSAFE 3.0 combines the bursting power of a Delta valve with the new paddle for an even better warranty class. Enjoy the color-coded symbols, the ergonomic safety lever and the GROHE StarLight chrome coating on brass.

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