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GROHE G41064000 *CVR* 12 GRIP BAR CP
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  • Brand: Grohe

  • sku HMWA-671001
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GROHE G41064000 *CVR* 12 GRIP BAR CP

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This CVR 12 GRIP BARS CP is a product that has been given an honor for design excellence, and meets all the durability standards and requirements requested by the industry. This particular product has garnered the following awards: 2013 IBA Innovation Award, Gold AIGA Design Award Winner 2013, Columbia GSMA's Excellent Consumer Product Gold award, Good Design Grand Prix Finalist

In a world of impersonal products, it takes real talent to create a personal touch. With such genuine style and elegance, GROHE is clearly an innovator in the category of fine kitchen and bath products. Like artists' brushes on canvas, the CVR GRIP BAR CP is designed for high-end surfaces - chrome plated brass handles with beveled edges that perfectly complement the grip bar's shape. Backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty, this is one essential piece you cannot do without.

Healthy hands never looked so big with GROHE's bathroom faucets. Start getting the hands you want with GROHE's signature 12-grip bar faucets. Choose from the durable finish of CP or the refined design of CVR. Pair them up with GROHE's Signature One Touch® Rimless Soap Dispenser and Tub Spout in brushed nickel, stainless steel, or chrome to get every bathroom right.

Gone are the days of hitting a bathtub to massage your hands. Now you can enjoy the soothing, therapeutic benefits of a nourishing massage with The GROHE 12 Grip Bar CP. The quiet, powerful water flow and enhanced grip bar provide 12 minutes of therapy at the touch of a button. Now you can relax deeply while showering or bathing.

CVR stands for Clothes Valet Rack. It's GROHE G41164000 CP, a closet-style clothes hanger with 12 metal no-slip grip bars that makes it easy to hang clothing in your closet or dresser. To help you keep everything in its place, CVR has a removable end cap that lets you hook on small accessories like scarves, belts, and ties. Sizes: 36"x 12"x 0.25". Easy to install utilizing three hooks on the top and one hook at each end of the garment hanger. The white finish adds polish to any look

This sturdy bar is durable steel, with a chrome finish, and comes with a CP-style grip. It is great for making quick repairs on our faucets and accessories""".

Discover the perfect grip for all hand sizes with this GROHE CP PS-M13312C0 single-handed handle. This convenient and innovative upgrade allows you to open your faucet with one hand using only a little effort, leaving your other arm free to hold trash or towels while in the shower. This handle is quickly installed and can be done by anyone without any tools. Go ahead and upgrade your bathroom today, you'll be glad you did!

A compact, portable CP that fits in many places and is perfect for bathroom taps.

GROHE G41064000

2 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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