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Grohe Sena Stick Handshower 6,6L Polished Nickel 26465BE0
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  • Brand: Grohe

  • sku HMWA-571408
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Grohe Sena Stick Handshower 6,6L Polished Nickel 26465BE0

Price: 2099-12-31 $182.00
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Grohe Sena Stick Handshower 6,6L Polished Nickel

The Grohe Sena Stick Handshower 6.6L Polished Nickel 26465BE0 is a hand shower that provides an easy way to get your hard-to-reach showers clean. With the ability to adjust this shower anywhere, it is convenient in the bathtub or in the shower. The innovative swivel joint allows you to position it any way you want and still get great water coverage for your whole body.

Effortless water control is the focus of the Grohe Sena Stick hand shower. This uniquely designed hand shower features a simple, three way diverter with built-in temperature limiter that switches water flow between the handheld and fixed shower head. The Sena Stick offers an ergonomic handle and smooth action. The Polished Nickel finish will give a modern look to your bathroom. Durable construction ensures years of trouble-free use.

With Grohe's Sena stick hand shower, you can provide your bathroom with a fresh and modern style. The hand shower is included in the popular Sena collection- it features an attractive and innovative design. The flexible pipe connects easily to existing shower set-ups (1/2" internal thread connections) and allows you to use the shower head with any water pressure at all. There is also no temperature limiter installed on this product in order for bathrooms that have purchased combination boilers to enjoy several different shower functions.

The slim design of the Sena Stick hand shower perfectly compliments Grohe's exclusive freshDesign², also known as M-bus technology, that produces water savings of up to 50% with every use. The Spray + Massage function of this showerhead produces a combination of a long-lasting water flow and a gentle spray for a relaxing experience!

The Sena stick hand shower combines water and technology in a unique way. Its innovative design has a multitude of functions, including oscillation, massage and firm spray. And its slick, adjustable handle can be moved up or down to exactly where you want it.

The Sena Stick has a modern looking design with a stationary head and flexible arm making it easier to direct the shower onto your body. Showering has never been so much fun, especially when the water temperature can be adjusted perfectly to your needs from the outside. The easy fitting kit does not require any additional tools.

Clean hands deserve a little luxury. The Sena Stick Showerhead features a hand shower experience—for better grip and maneuverability while making it simple to clean all your hard-to-reach places. It's great for rinsing in the kitchen, shaving in the bathroom and so much more.

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  • upc 4005176459160
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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