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HENGS634-5650 PUTTY TAPE 3/16X1X20 16 CASE
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  • Brand: HENGS

  • sku LANS-24183
  • upc 811878010271
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

HENGS634-5650 PUTTY TAPE 3/16X1X20 16 CASE

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ACC PRODUCTS manufactures PUTTY TAPE 3/16x1x20 16 CASE for all types of pipes, including galvanized and chemical pipe. Our PUTTY TAPE 3/16X1X20 16 CASE are coated with butyl cement to ensure stickiness and strong adhesion to the pipe regardless of temperature and climate. These PUTTY TAPE 3/16X1X20 16 CASE have a medium hard formula that can withstand the demands of use in rough climates without cracking. The tape is resistant to water, be it either steaming hot or freezing cold, and will adhere even if your

HENGS634-5650 PUTTY TAPE 3/16X1X20 16 CASE

HENGSTLER PUTTY TAPE 3/16"X1"X20' 16 CASE - Meets MIL-T-5044, Type ML, Shelf Life 1 yr.

The product includes: 634-5650---3/16X1X20 16 CASE

The 3/16-inch wide gum-paste tape for applying modeling putty, available in 4 colors. Easy to tear by hand or with a knife. Natural gum base allows it to be molded by hand and does not stick to hands or clothing, Has no offensive odor. The natural coating allows you to smooth it out with your fingers without leaving blobs like white bond paper will do.

Putty Tape is a high-performance, high-strength, gray thread tape formulated for the sealing of concrete construction joints and expansion joints. Putty Tape is ideal for the maintenance, repair, and protection of concrete structures such as bridges, parking garages, buildings, highways and airport runways.

Our putty tape is a perforated, flexible, strong and premium-grade tape. It is designed to seal small holes and cracks in walls, foundations and ceilings. The tape hand tears for ease of application and is pressure-sensitive so it will adhere immediately.

1 days
  • upc 811878010271
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:16.00
  • Height:7.00
  • Width:16.00
  • Weight:42.00
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