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American Standard Titan vs. Champion 4 Toilets

Posted by Amanda on Jan 14th 2022

American Standard Titan vs. Champion 4 Toilets

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American Standard toilets are a popular toilet brand made of high-quality material. The most popular models of the American Standard toilets are the Titan and the Champion 4 toilet models.

Features of the American Standard Titan Toilets


Made of durable vitreous china material.

2. The flushing system is reliable, efficient and saves you a lot of water.

3. The large siphon trap way moves up to 60% more mass than the average one.

4. The toilets are easy to install.

5. The available footprint is extended and it is easy to replace.

6. The toilets have an elongated shape, making sitting comfortable.

7. The American Standard Titan toilets manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty on the toilet’s trim parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the Chinaware.


1. There are small areas within the toilet that make cleaning difficult.

The toilet seats need to be purchased separately.

Features of The American Standard Champion 4 Toilets


1. The toilets have an elegant design that goes well with modern decor.

2. The flushing feature of 1.6GPF helps conserve water in the long run.

3. The American Standard Champion 4 toilets equipped with EverClean.

4. The toilet seat closes softly and does not slam. The seat is also included in the purchase.

5. With a 12-inch rough-in, these toilets are easy to install.

6. The toilet operates quietly.

7. The toilet flush is quite powerful, leaving the bowl very clean.


1. The toilet may be difficult to install due to its heavyweight.

2. It is more costly than the Titan brand.

Bottom Line

The Champion 4 has many features, such as the piston action accelerator flush valve. and the EverClean surface. The Champion 4 toilets are more costly than the Titan toilets.

In our opinion, we think the American Standard Champion 4 toilets are the better choice. They are easy to buy as they come in a one-piece, have an elongated bowl and are factory tested. The American Standard Titan toilets on the other hand have parts that are sold separately, it is also not ADA compliant, and the warranty only covers the mechanical parts. However, both toilets are excellent choices, and it comes to your personal needs and preference when deciding which toilet is best for you. 

American Standard is a leading plumbing and high-performing home products brand. Find more American Standard products here!

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