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American Standard VorMax Toilets

Posted by Amos on Jan 14th 2022

American Standard VorMax Toilets

Photo from American Standard

The Wall-Hung Glenwall Vormax toilet and the Floor-Mount Yorkville Vormax toilet are designed to suit any particular installation requirements. The technology behind the American Standard Vormax toilets have been verified to clean two times better than any other conventional toilet, and has proven to completely get rid of paper seat covers.

Features of the American Standard Vormax Toilets

Pros of the American Standard VorMax Toilets

The Vormax Flush Technology

This enables the toilet to release water from rim holes that are around the inside of the toilet bowl. These holes are what delivers water during the flush cycles. The powerful water jets scrub off the entire surface of the bowl from the top to the bottom, including the hard to reach surfaces.

EverClean Surface

This feature enables you to keep the surface of the American Standard Vormax toilet cleaner for longer periods. The EverClean surface of these toilets prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. This prevents the formation of stains and the release of odor from the toilet/bathroom.

Slow-Close Seat

The seat closes softly and doesn’t slam, unlike other toilets.

Water-Saving Feature

The powerful flushing capabilities of these toilets make it easy to save water while maintaining their performance. The Vormax toilets use about 1.28GPF which saves about 20% of water, compared to other toilets, which use about 1.6GPF. This can help save on water bills.

Lifetime Warranty

Every single one of the VorMax toilets is backed by the industry's lifetime warranty on china. They also have a ten-year limited warranty on parts as well as a one-year warranty included for the decorative seat.

Clean Curve Rim Design

VorMax toilets have a clean curve rim built into them, which prevents dirt from building up in the toilet.

Cons of the American Standard VorMax Toilets

The VorMax toilets have several moving parts that can get damaged, and replacing the parts may get costly.

2. There are two flapper valves in the toilet, which increases more chances for a leak.

3. The flush valves are also close to each other, which can produce a weak flush and many other issues of flushin

American Standard is a leading plumbing and high-performing home products brand. Find more American Standard products here!

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