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Broan 679 Installation Instructions

Posted by Amos on May 3rd 2022

Broan 679 Installation Instructions

How to Install the Ventilator

CAUTION: While cutting and drilling on the wall, make sure that you do not cut any of the existing electrical wirings. Also, mount the ventilator above the surface that you cook on.

Measure, make notes and mark the center of the opening on the wall that is on the inside and outside of the wall before cutting it open.

  1. Cut a diameter opening on the wall that measures about 6 inches.
  2. Unplug the motor and loosen the screws to remove the wiring box cover.
  3. Lift the electrical wiring box to remove it by pushing it into the housing. Note, however, that removing the motor assembly will make it easy for you to remove the wiring box. Rotate the motor assembly in a clockwise manner after loosening the mounting screws.

How to Wire the Ventilator

WARNING: Always make sure that the power is switched off at the service panel before you begin making any electrical connections.

  1. Attach the power cable to the electrical wiring and switch box but only with the use of a proper connector for the type of cable that you currently use.
  2. Make all the electrical connections as they should be. Connect the black wires to the black, white to white and bare/green wire to the electrical wiring box with the use of the green ground screw.

How to Connect the Duct

Only for those walls that have a thickness of about 6-10 inches inclusive of the inside and the outside wall coverings.

Stretch the adjustable duct and then slide it over the housing. Tape the duct into place to secure it. You should shorten the non-tapered end of the flexible duct to fit it.

How to Install the Ventilator Inside a Wall

  1. Put the ventilator inside the wall opening. Reinstall the electrical wiring box and the fan cover. Plug the motor inside the receptacle that is in the wiring box cover.
  2. Fasten the ventilator inside the wall using only the appropriate screws.

How to Attach a Wall Cap

  1. Slip the adjustable duct inside the wall cap from the outside and then tape the joint.
  2. Tuck the excess duct back inside the opening. You can do this by positioning the wall cap against the outside of the wall.
  3. Secure the wall cap to the outside wall and then caulk around the edges.

How to Attach a Grille

  1. Spin the grille inside its mounting screw until the grille is secured against the wall completely.
  2. Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker and then check that the operation of the ventilator is as it should be.

Use and Care Warning:

Before you begin servicing or cleaning the ventilator, you need to switch the power off at the service panel and lock it. To clean the Broan fan assembly, you need to do the following:

Unplug the motor and remove it from the black receptacle. Loosen the screws to remove the motor assembly and then rotate it in a clockwise manner.

Vacuum the motor and the inside of the housing in a gentle manner. None of the metallic and electrical parts are supposed to be immersed inside water.

Check the outer louver and the accumulated dust from time to time so that they do not interfere with the proper louver closure.

CAUTION: The louver must not be sprayed with water since this could cause damage(s) to the fan and water could seep inside the house.

Motor Lubrication:

The motor is already permanently lubricated therefore you do not require to oil the motor or disassemble it either.

To reduce the risk of causing a fire, electric shock or injuries to persons, it is recommended to observe the following:

  1. Only use this unit for its intended use by the manufacturer. For any queries, contact the manufacturer using the address and telephone number that is listed below the warranty.
  2. Always switch off the power at the service panel and lock the service disconnecting before you clean or service the unit. This helps prevent the power circuit from being turned on accidentally in the process. After you have made sure that the service disconnecting means has been locked, fasten a tag to the service panel securely.
  3. All the electrical work and the installation work must be done by a qualified person (s) by all the codes and standards, inclusive of the fire-rated construction codes and standards.
  4. It is important for there to be sufficient air to aid in the proper combustion and exhaustion of gasses through the chimney of fueling equipment to prevent back drafting. You should let the heating equipment manufacturer's guidelines and safety standards guide you in the installation process. These are such as; the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) as well as the local code authorities.
  5. Ensure that you do not end up damaging the electrical wiring and other hidden utilities while you are cutting or drilling into the ceiling or the wall.
  6. All of the Broan ducted fans must be vented to the outdoors.
  7. Use only metallic ductwork to reduce the risk of fire.
  8. This Broan unit must always be grounded at all times.


  1. This Broan unit is only for general ventilating use. Do not use materials that are exhaust hazardous or explosive and contain vapors.
  2. Keep these things off the power unit; drywall spray, and construction dust. These should aid in avoiding motor bearing damage and noisy or unbalanced impellers.

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