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Broan 688 Upgrade

Posted by Amos on Apr 26th 2022

Broan 688 Upgrade

The Broan Standard Economy Series fans are a trustworthy brand. They are among the very best versatile, compact, and economical ventilation solutions. These fans contain galvanized steel housing and double-strength mounting flanges. The Broan 688 fan offers quite a powerful ventilation that helps ventilate air to prevent mold and mildew. The package includes a removable motor assembly and plug-in permanently lubricated motor that is easy to service and clean.

Features of the Broan Fan:

  • 50 CFM, Sufficient ventilation that is capable of removing odors and pollutants from smaller powder room spaces or bathrooms
  • A compact housing that enables versatile installation
  • Powerful enough to ventilate rooms that are up to 45sq. ft.
  • The galvanized steel housing stands up to moisture hence corrosion resistant
  • The AC motor is permanently lubricated and it is also engineered for efficient and continuous operation
  • It also contains mounting flanges which have double strength and keyhole slots
  • A polymeric damper that is quiet and is also capable of preventing cold backdrafts which do not have a metallic clatter
  • Does not have an electrical knockout that needs to be removed
  • Has a wiring cover that is removable and can be used to make connections away from tight corners
  • The fan is U.L. listed for tub or shower enclosure with GFCI branch wiring

Installation Instructions for Broan 688


To reduce the risk of fire, injury to person(s) or electric shock, you must follow the following instructions:

All electrical wiring and installation work must be done by qualified persons and must always be by applicable codes and standards that are also inclusive of fire-rated construction.

Sufficient air is required for combustion to be carried out properly inside the chimney of the fuel-burning equipment to prevent back-drafting. The heating equipment manufacturer’s guidelines and safety standards such as those that are published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the American Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) must always be followed.

Ensure that you do not damage the electrical wiring and any other hidden utilities when you are cutting or drilling into the wall or ceiling.

Always vent the ducted fans to the outside.

Mark any units that are supposed to be installed over a tub/shower as appropriate for the application.

Under no circumstances should you place a switch where it can be accessed from the tub/shower.

For those ceilings that are sloped, pitch the installation at about 12/12.

The ductwork must always point up.

Installation (Existing Construction)

The Broan bath fan is usually between the ceiling joists. Locate it, and then organize the duct wiring before you begin with the installation process. Always check the area that is above the planned location to ensure that:

  1. Ducting can be easily installed.
  2. Wiring can be run effortlessly to the planned location of installation.
  3. No wiring or any other form of obstruction might interfere with the installation process.

Installation (Accessible Area Above)

  1. After you have determined the desired location for your Broan 688 fan, drill a small hole through the ceiling and then place a stiff wire up through the hole to help in locating it from above.
  2. Strategically place the fan housing on top of the ceiling surface and use the housing as a template to enable you to mark the area to be cut out. Cut a round hole that is about 13 ⅛ inches in diameter for a rough opening.
  3. After cutting out the rough opening, mount housing in the opening using the hanger bars that are provided with the unit. Insert those hanger bars in the slots that are available in the housing. Position the housing in the opening so that the bottom of the housing is in alignment with the ceiling. Use screws or nails to secure the hanger bars onto the ceiling joists.
  4. Complete the installation ducting and wiring as described.

Installation (Below Ceiling)

Note: If you do not have direct access to the area that is above the installation location, make sure that the installation will not interfere with existing wiring, plumbing, etc. and that it is possible for the wiring and ducting to be run to the desired location. It is quite necessary to use a flexible duct when installing the unit from below.

  1. Mount the fan between ceiling joists. Decide on the location of the Broan bath fan, and then determine where the nearest joists are. Tap the ceiling lightly. A hollow sound means there is no joist while a solid sound means there is one. To be sure you have located a joist, drill a small hole that is about 1/16” and probe into the ceiling with a wire.
  2. Locate the joists once again and then drill a starter hole in the ceiling between the joists.
  3. Saw a line from hole to joist to locate its edge.
  4. Remove the power or blower unit from the housing.
  5. Use the housing pan as a template to enable you to mark the cutout: place the pan between the joist and then trace around the pan.
  6. Make the cutout along the outside of the line you previously marked.
  7. Install 2 by 4 cleats to both ceiling joists. The distance between the cleats must be at least 91 1/8 inches but not more than 10 inches.
  8. Remove side wiring knockout and then insert and secure an approved box connector inside the wiring entrance hole.
  9. Use a pair of pliers to bend both mounting tabs as close as possible to the side of the housing.
  10. Install the duct collar.
  11. String wiring through the box connector and then connect a 4-inch flexible duct to the duct collar.
  12. Push ductwork and wiring back into the cutout carefully and then place the housing in it.
  13. Use wood screws to set the housing to cleats securing through four holes that are in the housing’s pan. Make sure the pan is in close contact with the finished ceiling.
  14. Install power and blower unit to complete the installation process.

Broan is the leader in residential ventilation products, customized climate, and indoor air quality solutions. Find more Broan products here!

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