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Broan Fan Humidity Sensor Adjustment

Posted by Amos on May 1st 2022

Broan Fan Humidity Sensor Adjustment

Broan-NuTone's Sensaire humidity-sensing technology can detect a rapid rise in humidity by turning on the fan.

Key Features:

  • It responds up to 70% faster to increased humidity than other humidity sensors, guaranteeing a more comfortable environment following a shower or bath.
  • It's up to 4X faster humidity sensing, helps mitigate mold growth, and increases clean air supply.
  • It's easy to program as it uses three programming modes, i.e., Mode (meets ASHRAE 62.2), Duty Cycle (min/hour), and RH% Humidistat Mode.
  • It's fitted with an adjustable automatic shutoff timer that is user-friendly and is functional in all available modes.
  • Its installation is fast and easy and requires no special tools needed in the installation.
  • It fits in a single gang box and can work with any ventilation fan.
  • It has an LED screen that aids in manual operation for ON/OFF turning.
  • It is available in a 120V (9amp) fan alone or a combo of fan and light.

Why Use Broan Fan Humidity Sensor

The Broan Fan Humidity Sensors get fixed in the ceiling where humidity rises naturally. It makes them more accurate than those placed on the wall, which at times detect wrong humidity levels, causing a lack of action when needed or step when not required.

The Broan Fan Humidity Sensors have automated operations. They can turn on and off depending on the humidity levels detected, which aid in removing mold spores. The automation leaves room for the user to set the humidity levels and time. The user can override the automatic sensor by turning it off with a button.

The fan automatically turns on and off. Its ultra-silent feature makes it ideal for institutional, residential, and light commercial applications. They are a perfect choice for high traffic and or kid's bathrooms.

The Broan Fan Humidity Sensors installation saves money since it automatically turns off. They make it ideal for people who tend to leave the house before the humidity has lowered to a fair amount. They have a silent nature of 0.7 sones, making it easy to forget to turn them off.

Benefits of Broan Fan Humidity Sensors

Automatic Humidity Elimination

In the spirit of urbanization, houses get built close to each other. It is a way of energy efficiency maximization. The negative side of it is that uncontrolled humidity may be trapped in the house, causing humidity-related effects like the development of molds in hard-to-reach areas. Molds emit an odor that lowers the quality of air in the home. When it reaches maturity, it produces spores that are an excellent course for respiratory diseases like asthma. Installing the Broan Fan Humidity Sensors goes a long way in mitigating all these and creating a more habitable indoor experience.

Technological Compatibility with Wall Control

Moving from an already-in-place wall control to humidity sensing control does not precisely mean that one needs to change the existing electrical connection, ducting, or ventilation fan. All of these can stay place in place in place unchanged since it's a process that only takes minutes to complete without ladders and no fear of leaving the house messy. It also does not pose technology incompatibility issues.

How do Humidity Sensing Wall Controls Operate?

The humidity sensing wall controls act on the rapid increase in humidity levels. They are prevalent in kids and public bathrooms and the general house. They are suitable for those who must leave the house before the humidity is fully balanced.

User-Friendly Adjustments

The wall humidity sensing controls allow one to adjust the comfortable humidity levels for house residents. It's made possible by setting a high or low sensitivity depending on the times and seasons of the year and the house size. Wall controls fitted with the sensitivity dial aid in conducting error-free fan performance to create a conducive indoor living condition.

It saves on Money and Energy

As directed by the Home Ventilating Institute, the ventilation fan should run for 20 minutes after using the shower. The provided time is sufficient to eliminate the moisture emitted from the shower. The auto-shutoff auto-shut-off feature lets the user leave the ventilation fan running without concern since it will automatically switch off, saving energy and money.

It also has an inbuilt user-friendly adjustment feature that allows runtime and shut-off time customization. It promotes energy-efficient operation because the ventilation fan will only run when needed, not unnecessarily.

How Broan Fan Humidity Sensor Functions

  • Broan Premium Humidity Sensor detects a rise in humidity levels and automatically turns the fan on to mitigate the moisture levels.
  • It responds 70% faster than any other humidity sensor since it utilizes SensaireTM technology.
  • It provides for a 20% to an 80% sensitivity adjustment to eliminate the chances of false operation of the fan that may be weather or season caused.
  • SensaireTM has relative humidity mode set points that offer flexible, satisfying local range-of-adjustments codes.
  • It has an inbuilt repetitive ventilation mode that turns the fan on and off under custom set intervals.
  • It also meets the ASHRAE 62.2 Whole House Mechanical Ventilation (WHMV) set requirements.

Broan is the leader in residential ventilation products, customized climate, and indoor air quality solutions. Find more Broan products here!

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