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Broan Serial Number Lookup

Posted by Amos on May 3rd 2022

Broan Serial Number Lookup

A Broan serial number is a unique series of numbers and letters that identifies the production run of a product. We use a serial number system to help us track our products and ensure quality at every step in the manufacturing process, so we can make sure that you get the best possible product.

Guide to Broan Serial Numbers

Broan units are identified by a serial number. A serial number is a string of numbers and letters that is used to identify the unit.

Each serial number is unique to a single unit, making it easy for you to determine the age of your unit and where it was manufactured.

To find out this information from the serial number, you must first decode it.

What Can You Find From a Broan Serial Number?

Looking up the serial number for your Broan appliance can provide you with a wealth of information, such as the date it was made, warranty status and part availability. It can also give you the model number and product description.

A Broan serial number consists of a combination of letters and numbers which can reveal the manufacturing date, the model number, and even the country in which it was made. The format of this code varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to check with your appliance's brand first.

How to Decode Your Broan Serial Number

Your Broan serial number can tell a lot! You can find it on the model/serial tag, which should be located in one of three places. If you have an outdoor vent hood, it's likely on the top or left side of your unit. If it's an indoor range hood, it's usually under the dishwasher's cabinet or on the bottom of the range hood. In some cases, if you have a built-in electric oven, the model/serial tag could be on the back panel near the lower-left corner.

The serial number on your Broan product is a 10-digit code that can be used to look up the manufacturing information about your appliance.

The first 4 characters of your serial number will tell you in which month and year your product was manufactured:

  1. The first two characters are numeric and correspond to the month in which your product was manufactured (e.g., “10” means October)
  2. The second two characters are alphanumeric and correspond to the year in which your product was manufactured (e.g., “16” means 2016)

The last 6 digits of your serial number are model-specific and can be used to determine the exact age of your product as well as other details about its manufacture—here’s how:

  1. First, separate the first four digits from the last six:
  2. Then enter those last six digits into our online model search tool and hit “Submit” for information about your appliance!

Importance of Broan Serial Number

To receive a rebate or tax credit, you will need to have the serial number for your Broan product. The only way to get this information is by having it available at the time of installation. If your Broan product is already installed, you can still find the serial numbers that were printed on a sticker and attached to the unit when it came from the factory.

If you need a repair for your Broan equipment, we recommend that you locate the serial number beforehand and provide it when calling for service. This will help technicians do their jobs more efficiently and accurately from start to finish.

Lastly, it allows accurate customer service, since they can accurately track any issues with your product.

Where Can You Find Your Broan Serial Number?

The first step is figuring out where to look. For most of our products, you can find the serial number right on the product itself (but more on that in a moment). If you don't have access to the product, there are a few other places you can try:

  1. The original documentation that came with the product when you purchased it
  2. On an invoice or receipt from when you purchased it
  3. In an email confirmation after purchasing it online

Now let's say your product is on hand and ready to be found. Great! Here's where those important serial numbers are hiding:

  1. Range Hoods (Under Cabinet): On the back of the range hood, above the fan.
  2. Range Hoods (Wall Mount): Behind the faceplate on the bottom left side. The faceplate is held in place by two screws—remove them and you'll see the serial number on a label behind it.
  3. Range Hoods (Island): On a label located just to the left of the hanger plate mounting hole or inside the blower housing.
  4. Air Ventilation Fans: The model and serial number can be found on a metal plate located behind your fan's grill cover. Depending upon which model you have, this plate may also be located underneath your fan's grill cover or inside your fan's ducting.
  5. Microwave Ovens: The model and serial number can be found inside the oven cavity, either along the side or at the back, behind the interior oven rack.


We hope this article has made the process of looking up Broan serial numbers a little easier. 

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