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Honda 08718-0004 Hondabond High-Temp Silicone Liquid Gasket 1.9 fl oz
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  • Brand: Honda

  • sku MARB-715004
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Honda 08718-0004 Hondabond High-Temp Silicone Liquid Gasket 1.9 fl oz

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Engineered for use with high-temperature materials such as igniter wires, spark plugs, and glow plug terminals, HONDABOND HT connects three different components

Hondabond HT is a high-temperature silicone based adhesive that works on contact to permanently bond all types of materials, even plastics. It forms strong bonds to metal, glass, rubber and other soft and hard surfaces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, HONDA BOND HT is great for repair and replacement projects around the home or shop.

HondaBond HT is a high-temperature, silicone-based gasket and sealant. It combines proven silicone technology with a curing agent that provides permanent durability. HondaBond HT cures at up to 400° F, ensuring a great seal on anything from plastic to metal to fiberglass. It has been subjected to rigorous testing in some of the most demanding conditions on the engine, and maintains its seal even under elevated temperatures and pressure. If you want to make sure your boat motor never leaks another drop, you can't go wrong with HondaBond HT.

HondaBond HT is a high temperature sealant for use on cooling system and exhaust sealing applications. It has the highest heat resistance of any silicone-based sealant available commercially today. HondaBond HT has proven to outperform all competitive products, as well as OEM gasket materials in most temperatures from -54°C (-65°F) to 372°C (700°F). It can withstand exposure to exhaust gases up to 1300°C (2300°F) for short periods, even where other gaskets will fail. HondaBond HT also resists extreme pressure up to 50 psi (3

Hondabond HT is the ultimate high temperature, high-performance gasket and sealant. Hondabond HT never yellow's, dries invisibly and does not harden over time. Since it contains an additive package which provides a thermal break of 600°F (315°C), Hondabond HT will outlast all conventional silicone gasket materials.

Hondabond HT Silicone Liquid Gasket 1.9 fl oz is designed for general purpose ISO-VG fluids, brake fluid and other hygroscopic fluids. Hondabond HT offers excellent attack and release properties on a wide variety of surfaces in both ambient and elevated temperature applications.

Hondabond HT is a silicone sealant with an operating temperature of 500°F. Ideal for use on gaskets, hoses, and nuts and bolts,
it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it lives up to its name. It forms a high-strength bond on many substrates including aluminum, copper, rubber, steel, stainless steel, and more. Plus, it's easy to apply—just wipe or spray on.
's 1.9-fl.-oz. size makes it ideal for any job around your bike.'

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