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  • Brand: Honda

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Honda 17220-Z8B-010 Honda Case, Air Cleaner Part #

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The Honda 17220-Z8B-010 Sedona 2016 Case, Air Cleaner is a genuine OEM part. The Honda 17220-Z8B-010 Honda Case, Air Cleaner is also referred to as Air Filter. It fits the n/a, Tm90rp, Ace90rp, and Npr90rp models.

This is the situation when you're trying to enjoy your Honda motorcycle but you don't have the right Honda Air Cleaner Assembly. We introduced them because whenever they are broken or misplaced, it can be hazardous to the motorbike. This is where our Honda 17220-Z8B-010 Air Cleaner Case comes in handy.

Honda 17220-Z8B-010 Air Cleaner Case

All Honda engine air cleaners are designed to meet the air cleaner assembly requirements of all applicable Honda model service manuals. Check your service manual for exact details on the replacement procedure. The air cleaner case is made from 100% non-recycled plastics and must be disposed of properly.

This Air Cleaner is a genuine Honda part. It's the same piece you would receive if purchased from your local dealer. It fits models CB750A-CB750K only.

The element is secured by captive screws. If you locate the air cleaner cover with the Honda logo on it, lift up the edge cover enough to remove the two screws securing the element. Install a new one, making sure not to overtighten.

The Honda engine air filter is designed to stop dirt, dust, grime and all other foreign particles from entering the engine of your Honda for a long period of time. The 17220-Z8B-010 Honda engine air filter has a special design that not only filters out all dirt and grime but also prevents the accumulation of moisture on the filter element. Containing enough pleats to trap more dirt, this Allison Transmission AIR FILTER - FF3041A has a four-layer construction with progressively finer mesh cloths on each level.

2 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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