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  • Brand: Honeywell

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Honeywell 5112-22 "SS STEM KIT FOR 1/2""-1"" VBN2"

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"SS STEM KIT FOR 1/2""-1"" VBN2"

The Honeywell 5111-22 "SS STEM KIT FOR 1/2""-1"" VBN2" is a stem kit for replacement of the existing. Device coverage: 1/2" to 1" Van-Bonnet and Thermaliver vents.

This Honeywell SS STEM KIT FOR 1/2""-1"" VBN2 is a service part used to replace any damaged or broken stems in your carbon monoxide alarm.

The Honeywell 5112-22 SS STEM KIT FOR 1/2""-1"" VBN2 is designed to be used with the Honeywell 2290 VBN2. This stem kit is used to increase the temperature range of the control and better withstand harsh environments. The Honeywell 5112-22 SS STEM KIT FOR 1/2""-1"" VBN2 is used on a variety of commercial and residential applications.

The 5112-22 is a stem assembly for Honeywell 1/2""-1"" Variable Bore, 2-Stage Burner (VBN2). This assembly includes the following components: mechanical SPDT switch, SPDT lever actuator button, wiring and hardware.

Attach this stainless steel stem kit to our 1/2"" vbn2 for improved accuracy and repeatability. The adjustable mount has an accurate handle for quick and easy flow regulation.

This Honeywell SS stem kit includes a 16"" probe, with a threaded probe end, and one 1/8"" NPT female thread adapter to fit from 1/2""-1"" valve bodies. The TC4W0202-001 probe has a maximum temperature of 318ºF.

The Honeywell 5112-22 is a stem kit. It was designed to fit the VBN 2 pushbutton actuated valve with a 1/2'' or 1'' pilot signal stem. The stem kit has a polished stainless steel body and an O-ring seal inside the valve. It has a nominal length of 2-1/2'' and is sealed with two 316 stainless steel screws secured with brass nuts.

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