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Honeywell VBN2DLPA3001 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"
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Honeywell VBN2DLPA3001 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"

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"1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"

This Honeywell VBN2DLPA3001 NPT 2 Watt 24 VDC High Power Proportional Solenoid Valve is suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration system applications. The Honeywell 1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V" has a size of 1.25" with short port and adjustable flow pattern (FAMB). This Honeywell valve is used to control the transfer of a cooling medium between two systems, or to a single system, within a closed loop.

The Honeywell VBN2DLPA3001 1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V is a 2 in. Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Safety Relief Valve for 24 VDC applications. It is typically used in medical, industrial and safety applications.

Honeywell VBN2DLPA3001 1.25" NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V is a thermoplastic normally closed valve, which means that the valve opens to allow fluids to pass through it when the temperature exceeds it's set point. It features high flow and pressure capability.

The Honeywell VBN2DLPA3001 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V is a part of the company's line of valves and regulators.

The VBN-PA3001 is a 1/2? copper tube mounted 24 volt 2-wire propane gas valve.

This proportional Solenoid valve with NPT port is a manually operated, normally closed valve with a built in power ON-OFF control. It can be used for many applications like HVAC, industrial heaters and air conditioners, vacuum pumps, water treatment equipment or any other application that requires high output at low pressure.

24V DC NEMA 2P Flat Mount Gear Motors with Integral Planetary Geared Head.

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