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Honeywell VBN3AEPA1000 "1/2""NPT 3W 1Cv FLTG NSR 24V"

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"1/2""NPT 3W 1Cv FLTG NSR 24V"

The Honeywell VBN3AEPA1000 1/2""NPT 3W 1Cv FLTG NSR 24V is a Fast Response Airflow Sensor that works in conjunction with ventilation fans. This model comes in an industry standard of 24 Volts and 1 Amp and is easy to set up. The air flow sensor's function is to sense seasonal air temperature changes. It also detects the indoor-outdoor temperature differential which allows the valve to automatically adjust fan speed to maintain the desired level of comfort. This control saves energy, ensuring whisper quiet operation while maximizing energy efficiency.

The VBN3AEPA1000 1/2" NPT 3W 1Cv FLTG NSR 24V is a key component of the Transonics platform, being used in ASI and Hemi-ASI applications Available With Honeywell Transonics Technology, an advanced heat transfer technology that allows precise temperature control of refrigerated and air conditioned spaces to within one degree Fahrenheit.

The VBN3AEPA1000 1/2" NPT 3-wire fan-forced submersible pump with 1 Cv delivers a maximum 24 VDC output. The pump is qualified for use in atmospheres ranging from 15% to 93% of the R.H. operating range, intended for Wet Well and Drain applications, and comes complete with internal thermal overload protection to provide continuous reliable service. This VBN3AEPA1000 1/2" NPT 3-wire fan-forced submersible pump simplifies the entire process of heating and cooling applications in homes, offices, institutions, commercial buildings,

Distribute air using 3W to 1Cv or 4W to 2Cv with this valve. Ideal for applications where the highest degree of reliability is required. The valve is easy to install and never needs adjustment. A relief setting and low operating cost also make it an attractive option.

Submersible motor with 1/2" studded conduit box mounting and 1" compression coupling. 24 volts. one phase. 1 stage, 3 watts of power, 60 rpm, 6 amps maximum load at full load

Honeywell offers the most comprehensive line of surface mount limit switches on the market! The VBN series is available in 1/2" through 1" NPT bodies, allowing for a wide range of applications, and meets NEMA VG95 standards.

The Honeywell VBN3AEPA1000 1/2" NPT is designed to satisfy the requirements of industrial applications. This product is made of high quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. The Honeywell VBN3AEPA1000 1/2" NPT offers easy installation for convenience. With a wide variety of applications, this product is highly reliable. The success and failure of equipment operation depends on many factors; make sure to maintain this product according to the instructions provided in order to keep your equipment in top condition.

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