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Honeywell VBN3ELPX9400 "1.5"" 3W 2PO SR 120/240V W/AUX
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Honeywell VBN3ELPX9400 "1.5"" 3W 2PO SR 120/240V W/AUX

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"1.5"" 3W 2PO SR 120/240V W/AUX

The Honeywell VBN3ELPX9400 1"" x .5"" 3W 2PO (SINGLE POLE/REDUNDANT) 120/240V Selectable Relay Circuit Breaker w/ Aux contacts is the basic circuit breaker used in a wide variety of applications, including distributing power to residential and commercial equipment. Circuit breakers are rated for different maximum amperages. It has a thermal magnetic trip mechanism which pulls the spring-loaded contacts together opening the circuit if too much current passes through them. The contacts are automatically reset when current levels drop back below the maximum amperage for that

Designed specifically for commercial applications, the Honeywell VBN3ELPX9400 Wireless Transmitter is the "1.5"" 3W TX with Aux. 120-240VAC and is a replacement receiver for the Honeywell VPP370 system."

The VBN3ELPX9400 1.5"" Inch Outdoor Integrated LED Wall Flush Mount supplied by Honeywell features a white non-shunted 1.5"" (39mm) diffused glass lens, a steel housing with an aluminum reflector and is suitable for 120/240V applications."

The VBN3ELPX9400 is a 1.5"" x 3Watt 120/240V AC power supply. It has four (4) power wires and a line voltage select input. The VBN3ELPX9400 is UL Listed and CSA Certified.

This Honeywell 12 Volt Cool Therm laminate floor registers are one of the newest products in Honeywell's line of floor and wall registers. This product is a 120/240 volt 1.5"" square plug-in thermostatic floor register that comes with an auxiliary input in the front for projects requiring more control and flexibility over their environment. The BVN3ELPX9400 has an Airflow Vane adjustment control, it has a built in conduit box and comes with a mounting plate. The BVN3ELPX9400 also comes standard with a wall or base mount which makes this

A little bit of light goes a long way, as does our 1.5" LED Indicator Light ! The VBN3ELPX9400 is just the right size and brightness to make sure that you come out on top every time!

Give your HVAC system a boost with the Honeywell VBN3ELPX9400 3-wire, 120/240-Volt, 20 Ampere, 1.5 "" x 0.6 "" Foil-Faced/Wired Low Temperature (Fw/W) Wall Thermostat. This thermostat is designed to work with low temperature heaters including forced air furnaces, baseboards and radiant floor heaters. Non-programmable for user convenience.

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