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  • Brand: HYDROGEAR

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The HYDROGEAR PARTS 52136 ROD BYPASS is designed to bypass hard-to-reach rod holders and clear up your space. It is crafted of noncorrosive and wear resistant polycarbonate (PC) plastic, yet it comes at a surprisingly affordable price that you can't beat! This particular clutch that is for a v-drive boat.

The HYDROGEAR PARTS 52136 ROD BYPASS connects the water supply line to the rod when you don't want a shower head shooting straight down.

The replacement parts listed in this eReplacement Parts package are genuine Hydrogear replacement parts and are intended to be used to service OEM equipment that is owned by a Hydraulic Institute (HI) member company. This package includes 52136 Rod Bypass, 16667 Keeper Retaining Pin, 39151 Ball Piston Retaining Nut, 48754 Ball Piston Nut, 53332 Piston Rod Assembly, 36918 Guide Assembly.

Our Part Number: 52136 ROD BYPASS is not just a rod-bypass for parts replacement but an upgrade over the origional. It is still constructed of high quality nylon, still patented for its ease and function, as well as the power to keep your canoe pulled over the flatter lake bottoms. No more frustration!

HydroGear ByPass Rod 52136

Looking for parts for your HYDROGEAR WATERPUMP=52136? RepairClinic.com has the appliance parts, lawn equipment parts and heating/cooling parts you need!

The Rod Bypass is a product that attaches the powerhead of your Hydrogear to the engine crankshaft so that the propeller can turn faster when you are not at full throttle. Now at a lower price! Spring-loaded thumbscrew allows for quick and convenient installation.

2 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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