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Intermatic 156T3492A Trippers For WH Series Trippers For WH Series

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Trippers For WH Series

Intermatic Trippers For WH Series Trippers For WH Series , Intermatic 156T3492A, Panelboard Devices > Monitors, Detectors & Controls > Timers & Trip Devices > Time Controls, Power Management > Electrical Accessories > Timers & Controllers.

Trippers For WH Series, they open a connection while the current source is in the ON state, and they close the connection after a preset time delay. [0.5 SECONDS to 120 SECONDS] The minimum ON time is 0.5 second and maximum OFF time cannot exceed 120 seconds without making connections that are too long... ORDER YOUR TRIPPERS TODAY!

Intermatic today announced the addition of its new 156T3492A Trippers For WH Series Trippers For WH Series circuit breakers to its 154 Triplers product line. By combining outdoor cover plates with both trippers and switches, customers are able to quickly upgrade their wall boxes to a smart home solution, including load control, monitoring, remote switching and energy management.

Trippers For WH Series These trippers mount to the cover of the WH series panel and will turn off power when tripped. This prevents shorting out or damage to the panel. Change Trippers To Proper Time Delay (Allow Enough Time For Load To Stop)

Intermatic® Trippers For WH Series are designed to protect a single device from overload, short circuit or phase failure. These instantaneous trip units have been specially engineered for use on alternating current. The solid state, latching contact tripper will trip solid core and multi-strand wire less than 1/8 inch in diameter. For added safety and longevity, the contacts are rated at 200% above UL standards.

These replacement trippers from Intermatic are available in single and double trip configurations. They are designed for use with the series of Fusible Plug Controlled Time Relay, Intermatic model WH1000 Series. Fits models WH-1XX and WH2XX and will not work with WH3XX series relays. The trippers are powered by 120 volt, 2.5 amp maximum at 2900 watts and have a current trip rating of 30 amps at 125 VAC. This product has been

The Intermatic Electronic Trippers are designed for use with Intermatic's WH Series and offer seven different settings to provide non-gravity irrigation control. Each of the seven settings will operate a single station for 90 seconds or more, allowing a pump to build pressure to the next station when it trips off. This allows the system to be combined and do what would normally take several separate timer timers (multiple mechanical switches) while conserving electrical energy by turning on only when needed.

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  • upc 785577628429
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