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IRWIN INDUSTRIAL TOOL CO VG11R 11 / 275 mm LockingClamp with Regular Tips
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IRWIN SPEEDBOR VG11R IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp and Carpenter's Pencil, Medium Lead,

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11 / 275 mm LockingClamp with Regular Tips

The IRWIN SPEEDBOR VG11R 11/275mm Locking Clamp is the perfect tool for your personal or professional workshop! It features high-grade cast iron construction and carbon steel jaws. You will be equipped to handle a wide variety of projects with this clamp. It features two Irwin VISE-GRIP Original Locking Tips.

NEW IRWIN SPEEDBOR VG11R IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp and Carpenter's Pencil, Medium Lead, 11 / 275 mmThe IRWIN Speedbor VG11R Irwin Vise-Grip Original Locking C-Clamp combines all of the speed and dependability you've come to expect from Irwin, with a new design concept. This new framing clamp allows users to easily change the position of their pad or regular bit tip for customized versatility.

This product is designed for Irwin Vise-Grip Original Locking C-Clamp. It has a 11mm diameter and 275 mm length. It features a regular tip and you can use it to cut and drill particles, mark lines on surfaces, lay out details and make templates. The pencil feature allows you to mark right where you need without disrupting the project by walking all the way back to your toolbox, just stick the pencil in some tape to keep it steady so that it doesn't smudge.

C-Claper with Regular Tips

Whether you are working at a job site, or at home on a DIY project, the IRWIN Speedbor® VG11R is sure to be useful in your toolbox. It features a 11 duty locking clamp for wood and metal, as well as an 11 duty pencil that provides precise measurement.

The IRWIN SPEEDBOR VG11R is the perfect clamp for woodworking applications. It has a speedbor steel shank, auxiliary handle and an overall length of 11 inches which make this a very versatile clap for use in all general woodworking applications. The clamp features through hardened tips that are micro-fine on the ends and contact edges for high durability.

The Irwin Speedbor VG11R IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking C-Clamp and Carpenter's Pencil, Medium Lead will allow you to make a variety of choices when working on your project. Slide the locking knob to lock the clamp into place. The Vise-Grip Master has more clamping power than any other clamp in its size range plus it locks into place for one handed operation. The hole pattern on this airplane carpentry pencil is for both standard European and US sizes. When you purchase these products you are protected by the Leading Edge Promise of quality, the tool company and manufacturer stand behind the product 100 percent if you are not satisfied with it or if it breaks or malfunctions within 30 days of purchase,contact your local store where you made the purchase to find out how to return it for an exchange or full refund. The Irwin Vise-Grip Original Locking C-Clamp is designed to hold work securely while using handsaw or other cutting tools. Using clamps in this manner offers steady support and control making repetitive cuts quick and easy without constantly reorienting material. The Irwin Speedbor Pilot Point Drill Bits were designed with two major factors in mind; high performance and high quality

The Irwin Speedbor VG 11R combination clamp and pencil are useful around the home, workshop, garage and beyond. The sizable clamp's quick-release trigger makes it easy to use and is suitable for frequent, repetitive clamping tasks. The pencil features a Carpenter's Pencil lead and includes a durable, high carbon transfer punch with an extra sharp point that can be used in most machines.

The Speedbor VG11R features a steel construction with self-aligning jaws and slip resistant rubber grip pads to provide years of general purpose clamping power. It's patented self-tightening mechanism eliminates need for an extra hand when clamped, it has an innovative lever action locks the clamp in position, reducing overall set-up time. The clamp's special design features slip-resistant pads that prevents scratches or gouges on your work piece.

You work hard for your money. So, why shouldn't your tools? With the Original locking C-Clamp, you don't have to settle for flimsy slide clamps or unsightly binder clips that mar your surface when opened and closed. The Original locking C-Clamp features a "locking" lever that moves easily from side to side. It's also great for hanging pictures, suspended item storage and more.

I am IRWIN, I'm known as the "Tools Expert". I have a reputation for excellence and quality that is second to none. IRWIN is my family heritage. The same result-driven commitment to excellence has been passed down from generation to generation. That's why IRWIN Tools are recognized the world over; it is simply the best.

Speedbor® is a revolutionary way to bore holes faster and easier for every application, from carpenter pencils to drills and bits.

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