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Johnson Controls SEC99AA-24 SnglSchrader/2StrtFtgsUltraCap
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Johnson Controls SEC99AA-24 SnglSchrader/2StrtFtgsUltraCap

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The Johnson Controls SEC99AA-24 SnglSchrader/2StrtFtgsUltraCap controls the flow of gases into your home with intelligent valve technology, ensuring natural heating and cooling. Its cost-effective programmable settings allow you to save energy by adjusting your heating or cooling to specific times. And its solid-state switching makes it reliable in the long run.

Three in One: 1. Product Dimensions: L x W x H = 12.6" x 1.2" x 7.5" - DailySmart single Schrader air chuck fits snugly onto all standard Schrader valves, allowing for easy inflation of car, bike, air mattresses, toys, etc, 2. Product Weight = 22 oz - Ultra-light slim design measures only 2 3/4 long for easy slip into any pocket or small storage area, 3. What's Included = Johnson Controls DailySmart SnglSchrader/2StrtFtgsUltraCap

This valve features Schrader (car) and standard (motorcycle) connections on the rear, each with double knee mount. The two-leg foot gives greater stability for longer hoses. But it's the UltraCap that offers the real advantage. It has 25% more working pressure than most on-board caps -- more than enough to run even the biggest, thickest tires without loss of grip.

The Johnson Controls SEC99AA-24 Single Schrader Valve and Dual Schrader Valve, UltraCap tire inflation accessories come in a difference shape and size than traditional inflators. The valve cap design allows you to take air pressure readings while the unit remains attached to the tire valve stem. This difference is easy to spot when comparing the new and old style and allows easier and faster verification of proper inflation.

The Johnson Controls SEC99AA-24 cap works on single and dual station Schrader/Screw valve ballcocks. The Schrader valve allows for quick and easy tire inflation. The screw top makes it easy to open and close a gas valve on a BBQ grill. The cover of the cap is made from stainless steel which provides the assurance of easy cleaning.

The Johnson Controls SEC99AA-24 Single Schrader/Two Vertical Foot Valve offers a permanent solution for water and gas cooling systems.

The SEC99AA-24 is a direct fit Schrader tire valve stem assembly. It works with single valve tubes and uses 5/8" diameter stems. The SEC99AA-24 ultra cap ultra-high vacuum stem is valve actuated, meaning that it only opens once the proper vacuum level has been achieved

Our UltraCap™ battery combines the power of two 6-Volt deep cycle batteries in one high-quality unit so you can get more out of your RV's existing electrical system. This ultra-flexible design allows you to choose how to use it, whether in series or parallel using the provided terminals. And while it is tougher than ordinary deep cycle batteries, its built-in handles make it easy to install.

Ultra-Cap batteries are designed to be charged fast and remain charged longer. Recharges in 2 hours, holds a charge for 5 years! Can be mounted in any position. These batteries can be used in any standard 12 volt application where extra performance is required. Great for powersport vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, snowmobiles, garden equipment and more!

This ultra-capacitor is designed to help recapture wasted energy in low load areas such as fluorescent lighting, thereby reducing the level of standby losses for commercial, industrial buildings and residential applications. The product is used in conjunction with an energy management system (EMS) for maximum savings.

This ultra-capacitor energy storage system (ESS) is an ideal solution for storing any unused power generated by rooftop solar, wind and other renewables turning traditional UPS systems into hybrid solutions that improve grid efficiency and reliability.

Sealed, maintenance-free AGM batteries are maintenance free, leak proof and do not require water replacement. Especially useful in cold temperatures, they're an environmentally friendly option that can greatly extend battery life.

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  • Date First Available :June 5, 2010
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  • Manufacturer:Johnson Controls

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