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  • Brand: KIMTECH

  • sku ORS-91845
  • upc 36000507065
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Our STERLING NITRILE GLOVES-SM- 200/BX are ideal for precise handling of small items. These handy gloves are thin and lightweight, making them great for packing in small spaces. Their conductive coating provides protection from electrocution or shocks and they are packaged in a convenient dispenser box.

KIMTECH 412-50706 STERLING NITRILE GLOVES-SM- 200/BX is made with the highest quality material to meet our highest quality standards.

The Kimtech 412-50706 Sterling Nitrile Gloves-Small 200/BX are standard issue for many trades. This gives you quality, comfort, and protection from acids, oils, grease, and other harmful chemicals.

Our NEW Sterling Nitrile Gloves are a high quality, powder-free, low cost alternative. Made from FDA accepted materials to provide exceptional protection.

Don't let your surroundings be a barrier to getting things done. KIMTECH Nitrile gloves are engineered with the flexibility required for getting into small spaces, and the durability for pulling apart disassembled parts. Ideal for yards, maintenance work, farming, building and more...STERLING is up to any task.

Our STERLING Nitrile gloves are designed to protect our customers from dirt, grease and chemicals. They are 100% nitrile, ambidextrous and are powder-free for maximum comfort and grip.

Sterling Nitrile gloves are the single use alternative to reusable nitrile, natural and latex gloves. Natural rubber latex protein allergy is very common, but because gloves can become a source of exposure through washing and reuse, some people with an allergy have limited their ability to work in certain environments. Sterile gloves are also available if you are working with bacteria or viruses. Sterile and non-sterile individually wrapped gloves can be used multiple times if stored properly in a clean environment (2-8 C) away from direct sunlight.

1 days
  • upc 36000507065
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:3.26
  • Height:10.20
  • Width:5.20

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