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HONEYWELL L404F1367 L404F1367 Mercury Free Pressuretrol Controlle
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  • Brand: Honeywell

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HONEYWELL L404F1367 L404F1367 Mercury Free Pressuretrol Controlle

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Mercury Free Pressuretrol Controlle

HONEYWELL L404F1367 L404F1367 Mercury Free Pressuretrol Controlle

Mercury Free Pressuretrol Control - L404F1367L404F1367 Maximum pump pressure 30 psi (207 kPa) for use with heatpumps and air conditioners, 16 gauge stainless steel mounting bracket, Teflon coated sensing line

The Honeywell L404F1367 L404F1367 Mercury Free Pressuretrol Control system delivers quiet, economical operation to keep your entire home comfortable. Compatible with all manufacturers' thermostats, the Honeywell Pressuretrol is a cutting-edge temperature control that can monitor and help you save on energy consumption while reducing noise level in homes. A pressuretrol allows you to set your comfort level by indicating minimum and maximum set points.

Featuring solid brass construction, with an automatic ice maker kit that helps reduces maintenance visits. The unit includes a float sensor that allows for hands-free operation and helps conserve utility costs. It features an accumulator tank to eliminate system cycling due to temperature changes. Mercury-free pressuretrol valves use Noryl disc seats to ensure long valve life and precision control.

This standard replacement controlle can be used with various Honeywell thermostats. This controlle is for use on gas or oil fired equipment that do not use water or steam for heating and domestic hot water. Mercury free design prevents the release of mercury, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

The Honeywell L404F1367 is an easy to install replacement for the controlle on your system. This controlle will not have the mercury hazard associated with thermocouples because of the incorporation of solid state pressure components. Another advantage over conventional thermocouples is that there are no manually set calibration adjustments on this controlle, therefore eliminating the need for a periodic manual calibration check.

Honeywell's L404F1367 2-Stage Inline Pressure Switch is a mercury-free replacement for HZ116, HZ117, HF-LP1, HZ104, and HZ107. Designed for use with gas appliances to control lighting of pilot lights and main burners.

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