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  • Brand: Pfister

  • sku FERG-376152
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The LF is a tried-and-true snow performance nozzle designed to match the patterns of our FlowTainerTM WKP400 SS water conserving commercial pump with a full 360° output combined with the unique benefits of Efficient Water Use Technology (EWT) 3002.

The LF Sprayhead provides concentrated short-distance stream cleaning. This spray nozzle is attachable with a push connect to Lancer Evolution PRO water-fed pole (WFP400 Professional) and hard surface cleaner (LF Hard Surface Cleaner) for high-pressure cleaning

The LF Sprayhead powers the water to over 2 GPM, adding more power to your flow. This is one of the best improvements you'll make to your pressure washer. In most cases it will make your sprayer work better than when it was new. The LF Sprayhead's internal Brass Reinforced Hex Element will prevent hose damage when used with solid brass hoses, like the Champion Premium Hose.

Open valve and Foot Valve. Open the filter head by pulling the handle in the direction of the arrow while at the same time pushing in on the lever to engage lock. This will open and lock the filter head, allowing for full movement of the handle. Install spray head and WKP400 spray wand in filter head.

The LF (low flow) Sprayhead is designed for use with Shurflo pump spray pumps and is ideal for hose lengths up to 15'. By reducing the spray pattern and directing the water flow, it allows you to achieve more even distribution over a larger surface area. When coupled with an appropriate filter, the LF Sprayhead will maintain an essentially chlorine-free water flow while significantly reducing the pressure loss through the Filter Extender. Use the LF (Low Flow) Sprayhead for many of your residential and commercial applications.

The LF sprayhead features a compact design that's optimized for Weber kettle. This sprayhead automatically adjusts water volume in response to gas flow pressure, optimizing the performance of your kettle.

The LF sprayhead with FineTune™ delivers an even, full flow of water that increases the distribution of detergent along the fabric surface. It is perfect for a variety of fabrics and delicate loads, from shirts to bedding and towels to sheets.

1 days
  • upc 38877640593
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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