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3M MMM6300 Scotch Fine Line Tape 218 Green, 1/8 in x 60 yd 4.7 mil (Pack of 1)
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3M MMM6300 Scotch Fine Line Tape 218 Green, 1/8 in x 60 yd 4.7 mil (Pack of 1)

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3M(R) 9093NA Silicon Carbide Sanding Sponge is a mid-range grain

It can be used for both wet or dry sanding tasks and can also be used on paint or primer finishes

The sandpaper can be used wet or dry and is specially designed for use with today's high-quality paints and finishes

20 count

The sponge can be used wet or dry and does not clog like conventional sandpaper, making it ideal for sanding inside corners, around moldings and nail heads, on the ceiling and any place you can't get your hand inside an area to sand by hand

W-Mfg# - Sold As 20 Units is a great addition to your toolbox as it helps you finish your drywall project perfectly

The number one choice of drywall contractors world wide – no other sponge is as effective or durable as the 3M9090NA Silicon Carbide Sanding Sponge!

x 5/16 in

3M Silicon Carbide Sanding Sponge (FINE/MED DRYWALL SANDING SPONGE) #9093NA - Sold As 20 Units

The 3M Silicon Carbide Sanding Sponges are ideal for sanding a variety of materials such as wood, metal, fiberglass and more

x 3-3/4 in

Silicon Carbide Sanding Sponge is made of one piece construction with no metal or plastic backings to split or crack

Sold as 20 pieces

Ideal for smoothing out paint defects on walls, doors and trim work

Used for drywall joint finishing, patch sanding, etc

This sponge is made of silicon carbide, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting

Drywall sanding sponges are flexible and used to sand drywall

x 9 in

It is used for sanding and blending seams on medium to coarse grades of drywall compound

2-5/8 in

1 2/5" (65mm) x 4 5/8" (122mm) x 1/8" (3mm) Silicon Carbide sanding sponges

x 5/8 in

3M Silicon Carbide Sanding Sponge 2-1/4 in

The sponge is made with silicon carbide crystals to give you a consistent scratch pattern for smooth results

Midstate Tool & Supply, who are committed to providing the most innovative tools and supplies for DIYers, stocks a wide range of 3M sanding sponges

This sanding sponge is designed for drywall finishing, with a sponge that is made from silicon carbide

Silicon carbide impregnated into a foam backing for fast stock removal

Fine/Medium Drywall Sanding Sponge

Comes in a sealed plastic bag

Ultra Durable! Use For Drywall, Woodworking, Or Metalworking Projects!

The 3M 3M9093NA Silicon Carbide Sanding Sponge 2 5/8 in

Back side is rigid urethane foam with a sandpaper grain applied to it for actual sanding action, not just texture

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  • upc 021200063008
  • Weight: 0.10 LBS
  • Length:5.60
  • Height:0.40
  • Width:4.90
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